How many Best Answers can a question have on Girlsaskguys?

Sometimes I answer questions that already have a best answer because I really like the question and want to share with all users.But every time it ends up that my recent activity page shows in green that my answers are being selected.Is that an error?


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  • When it just has that "selected" label in green text it means someone else's answer was selected. You can only have one best answer per question.


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  • When your answer has been selected as Best Answer, it shows up as "Best Answer: Your Answer" with a little red flower thing beside it. When the green "Selected" shows up, it means that the best answer has been selected for that question, but it wasn't your answer.

    • Thanks so much for the details. :)

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    • If you don't see the tick in the square, then you're not answering anonymously.

    • ^^^what he said! lol