Pre-nup....such a negative word, or is it?

well I'm not married, and have no intentions of getting married anytime soon. This conversation started the other day at work, mainly a male work environment, and the ideas were pretty much split down the middle. so I just wanted to see how GAG thought about it. People always see couples that sign a pre-nup as a relationship ready to fail. Why is that? your not admitting to each other that your planning on getting a divorce or are you? people always say that they are 100% committed to the relationship and that signing a prenup would admit otherwise. Imo, I think its a good thing to sign a pre-nup. If everyone stayed together, the US would not have one of the highest divorce rates in the world. Fact is, people don't always stay together, no matter how you want to swing it...its a fact, divorces happen and are often time unexpected for a number of reasons. Why would you not want to protect yourself from a messy divorce IF it were to happen. This just makes no sense to me at all. people tell me, "well a prenup says your planning on a divorce. I combat that with this analogy, just because you put your seat belt on when you get into the car doesn't mean your planning on getting in a wreck. Divorces and wrecks have a lot in common. they are not always the operators fault, and are often times not seen until it is too late. and don't say that you wear a seat belt because of the law, that's irrelevant with that said would you look negatively or possibly not marry your fiance' if they were to start considering a pre-nuptual agreement. and please spare me the "if he loves me he won't get one" speech


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  • i think it really depends on the situation... yes it does seem to say that they think there may be divorce somewhere in the future, but at the same time I know if I had earnt lots of money while my partner had done nothing, I wouldn't be happy watching them take half of everything, and possibly also being the one responsible for ending it? (only hypothetical situation of course)

    its almost the 'safe' option, but it seems to make it OK if they do divorce, because there was already a pre-nup? fact is divorces happen more than marriages lasting, probably because of how easy it is nowadays, and people don't seem to try hard enough for one reason or another.

    i wouldn't be offended if I was asked to sign a pre-nup, if my parnter had made their way in life and I had not. however that's not what I intend to do. I guess its to stop people marrying for money at the end of the day, which I don't have a problem with.


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  • I have nothing against pre-nup. I think I want one, actually.


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