Every time one asks a question about moderators or how this site could improve it gets deleted??

why is that? how is the selection of moderators of this site really helping this site? I feel that the self elect aspect impedes it because those who are less qualified are possibly becoming mods and removing questions they do NOT understand are quite open ended questions and for mature people only. I wonder why I even bother with coming back on this site except for a few friends. what are your thoughts on this and the 'moderator system' and it's effectiveness on this site?


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  • I know from personal experience, that if I delete a question which the Admin do not feel should have been deleted, they restore it. Within the hour, usually. It's happened more than once.

    So any that stay deleted... are deleted with the tacit approval of Admin.

    So take it up with them.


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  • GAG appears to remove messages/URLs that affect its revenue stream.

    Messages are probably monitored by a program; suspicious ones get sent to moderators.

    Just a guess/thought.

    Let's see how long this reply stays on.

  • You should keep that kind of discussion on the secret shadow forum.


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  • Questions that suggest improvements do, in fact, remain on the site, and we review them to make changes on the site.

    Question 451234

    Question 496045

    and Question 482167

    are some great examples of this. :)

    If a question is asked that revolves around Terms of Use, we recommend Contact Us, or our Terms of Use page. Thanks!