Why people lie so much on this site?

Ironically the moto of GaG is something like "get HONEST answers" though most of them, like.. 90% and up actually are anything but honest!

I've noticed a few trends here, the Nr.1 thing flying around here is "be confident" and "have a good personality" and "looks don't really matter that much" that goes for both genders.

But hey, take a look at the Reality check and damn you won't believe your eyes, there guys bash girls with unbelievable cruelty especially those who look bad, but really pretty ones get high scores and positive(and borderline to perverted) comments even if the date description indicates sucky and boring date!

So why lie so much on the questions & answers? To make other people feel better about themselves? So why such bashing to the SAME girls on the Reality check?

I'll admit it's not the bashing I'm opposed to but it's the lies and hypocrisy I despise about all this!

Yes, I know that YOU, the reader of this question prepare to make an answer something like "But I make only honest answers always" and so on, but you can post anonymously if you're up to reveal what all this crap is about!

So just for a fun I'll make a poll, do you lie here or always post honestly? I'm interested in the results but I already gotta feeling what they may look like!

  • I lie on this site to make others feel better about themselves or any other reason.
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  • I never lie here, I'm always completely honest no matter what!
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  • cause you can't HANDLE the truth! well that's the reason most people lie on here,they want upvotes,best answers and positive comments,not people bitching at them for being bitches. I however,don't lie to anyone,i always answer truthfully,if I feel like something I say might do permanent damage to someones confidence,i might skip the Q,but I'm usually brutally honest.

    • "the reason most people lie on here,they want upvotes,best answers and positive comments,"

      You have an example of someone doing this?

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    • I always tell the truth to those sad-sacks. If they don't make changes, yes they'll die alone.

      There is no law that says if you're a nice guy, you won't die alone. You have to actually get off your ass and meet people.

      And yeah, it gets negative comments. But I'm not the only one saying it. The site is still basically honest, IMO.

    • I have, and it's like.. everyone!

      One current example is when a girl asked what's the most attractive female feature to guys?

      And you know who got ups, BA and positive comments? A liar(aka average male user on GaG) who said "it's her confidence"

      Those who said anything about her physical features got downs and bitchy comments!

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What Girls Said 8

  • b/c most people on here cannot handle the truth. they get all angry and emotional if you say something they don't like. I've gotten abusive messages and idiotic comments because I gave an opinion or advice that wasn't approved by some a**hole. w/e I still type what I want. if you want someone to tell you what you wanna here then I'm not that person sorry!

    • I REALLY like your style, pr3ttybr0wn. :) :) :)

      thumb-up #7 for you. 8-)

  • You're looking at things the wrong way/listening to the wrong people.

    Confidence is ALWAYS good. It shows that you're sure of yourself and that you love yourself. If you approach someone and not know what to say that's more than likely because you aren't happy with yourself, if you aren't happy with yourself and love yourself then why should they? Also low confidence is a red flag. Typically that means trust issues, always have to reassure them, etc. Will confidence make a 5 a 10? Probably not. But will it leave a better impression on the person who they are approaching and give them a better chance? Definitely.

    A good personality? Come on, do you really want to date someone who is boring and can't talk? Of course someone who is attractive might get a get out of jail free card, especially if they're a female, but in the end will that relationship last or even reach the point of being a relationship? Chances are no. You can compliment someone and find them attractive but typically it won't go far unless you can have a conversation with them and actually want to talk to them. Looks will get you approached, but personality will keep you. Basically that means if someone finds you attractive they'll approach you and compliment you, but as for it going further than that? More than likely its just a physical thing.

    Looks matter to an extent. Like I said, it will get you approached. The thing is that everyone is someone's type. Take care of yourself, put effort into how you look and be happy with yourself and your chances will definitely increase.

    Also, the reality check thing on here isn't used by a lot of people. The people who usually use it are just using it to surf the internet to see attractive people. The internet does not equal the real world.

    • I agree though I never said that good looks is the one and the only thing that matters!

      What I mean that people here with their answers give such impression that good personality including confidence, although no doubt important, make it seem to be the only thing that really matters! And that's where I found out "lie to be nice" thing!

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    • Right but then we come to the next issue - the same guy after a while gonna cry why was he friendzoned or why the girl won't let her to be touched! You know what I mean?

    • The thing about the friend zone is that its basically a nice way of saying you're not my type/I don't want to be with you. It doesn't have A LOT to do with the friendship. If a girl likes you and finds you interesting, you won't be friend zoned unless she gives up trying to get your attention to make it more than just friends.

  • Why people lie so much on this site? Social conditioning to be "nice".

    So why lie so much on the questions & answers? Most people can't handle the truth whether it's giving or receiving it.

    To make other people feel better about themselves? That and make themselves feel like a good person.

    So why such bashing to the SAME girls on the Reality check? Hypocrisy.

    do you lie here or always post honestly? Always post honestly.

  • I think someone's in need of a reality check...

  • Reality check is based on looks>< so duh

  • The Reality Check is crap. Don't listen to it at all.

  • k just do one thing for me: breathe in. breathe out.

  • I can admit I pad my answers to make people feel better sometimes but I don't believe I ever bold face lie on here. I try to keep as close to my personal truths on here without degrading other people and trying to hurt their feelings.


What Guys Said 9

  • Here's the truth, buddy.

    Things like "Be Confident" are true. Even the methods to improve your confidence, are true. And how easy it is... also true.

    Here's something else that's true. People who lack confidence, are also often fearful. And one of the most common things with these people, is that not only do they refuse to believe the lesson, they also *refuse* *to* *try*.

    They just say "that'll never work" or "that's stupid", and they don't try. Then they continue to repeat the lie that confidence is bullsh*t.

    Something else that's true. When it comes to physical attractiveness, peoples tastes are not uniform. There are guys who think Angelina Jolie is fugly. Or Megan Fox is fugly. And there are guys who like chubby women. And there are guys who like small boobs. Or nerdy looking girls. There are guys who really don't give a crap about physical looks at all.

    The comments you see on the Reality Checks wouldn't be representative of what People magazine would say about them... but that doesn't mean they are lying or hypocrites.

    Much like how most women on this site try to say over and over that a guys d*** size is not important at all, and there's a subsection of guys who refuse to believe this... The fact is, it's true.

    I have a lot more dating experience than you. And more life experience than you. And I can tell you, the site is basically honest.

    But many young people like you, refuse to let go of your preconceptions. In the words of Yoda, you must unlearn what you have learned.

    • What he said.

    • I never said that confidence is meaningless, what I wanted to say it's overused advice here and overrated feature, yeah yeah I know being confident gives you the edge over somebody who's not but you can have all the confidence you want - but if at the same time you're fat and ugly your confidence won't do anything!

      And I disagree what you say about peoples' tastes of looks, generally they are "standartized" but there are some who deviate from the "norm" but it's just an anomaly!

  • People fall into using cliches without really understanding them and more often than nought, those cliches are wrong or unsuitable. Then there's the factor of the other users on this site; if you're true and blunt in your answer and the reality of a situation is a 'bit too harsh' then you receive a flurry of abuse and downvotes from those users who go fr the after approach and follow the method that ignorance is bliss.

  • Internet isn't real life, most people who act like that, don't act like that irl... tru fact is tru

  • If I felt I was being lied to about half the stuff I've asked on this site, I would have cancelled my account long ago. I had issues with confidence, letting go of past hurts, a lot of stuff that would have been a hinderance to future relationships. However with the questions I've asked, the the answers that I've given (I think I've learned more by answering than asking), and the friends I have on this site have significantly changed the way I feel about myself for the better. Personally, I just don't think most people have any reason to lie.

  • No I don't lie, if people don't like my answers then I really don't care, it's their loss. I do though refrain from making comments that would hurt other people's feelings, like when they post a pic of themselves and ask to rate it and they are fugly. I just don't post instead of giving a bs answer of "you have a great smile" haha.

  • I agree with you, you're absolutely right. I've seen some reality checks, the good looking people get nice positive comments about them being hot, and the not so good looking to average people barely get any comments. Completely the opposite of what most users on GaG say they like.

  • People try way too hard to be politically correct.

  • Q&A's are based on opinions. So what makes you think someone's opinion isn't the truth?

  • What reason do we have to lie to a bunch of strangers on the internet?

    • I don't know, you tell me! That's why I asked this question!

    • We have none QA lol