Would this solve the GirlsAskGuys 'comment notificaton' problem?

Some people get annoyed at having to check whether a comment has been made to their comment

I understand why this wasn't in place because another user could respond

and it not be directed to you, so you will be in an endless conversation

But I just emailed GAG this idea,

on the answers page where at the bottom is your comments

the comment which has had a reply would be highlighted in a different color

Sending a notification to you would be annoying but I think this would work

you would only have to go on the answers page and see if any comment is highlighted in a different color

(the color vanishes after you have been on the page)

So good/bad idea?

or a better suggestion?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • We liked your idea! :)

    From now on:

    1) When the asker visits their own question, any new answers and/or new answer comments (new being the posts made since the last time you visited that question page) will have a light orange background color.

    2) When the answerer visits a question, any new comments will also have the same light orange background color.

    3) When the article/story writer visits the article page, again new comments will have the light orange color.



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What Girls Said 1

  • but what if someone responds back to your comment several days after the fact? so it wouldn't be on the same page anymore...

    • it's obviously not a serious comment if they didn't address it immediately

    • hahaha...right. :p

What Guys Said 1

  • Or what if there's a little box on the answer you'd like to follow? And when the responses are no longer directed towards you, you just uncheck the box?