What if there were a quick-answer question category for GirlsAskGuys?

Every now and then I see questions that need a fast response... how to act or what to wear on an upcoming date, stuff like that...

So what if like, in addition to the categories such as health and dating and style, there was some kind of quick-response category? People who wanted answers within an hour or two could submit their questions under that category, so that answerers could quickly and easily see them.

Do you think you would use that? Or would it be kind of useless?


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  • I thought of that too, but then I thought people may abuse it because everyone thinks their question is important and people who are humble won't use the feature because they may have self worth issues, and think "my issues isn't that serious. my teacher was only playing around when he said he thought I was beautiful and caressed my hair."


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  • I think it's an interesting idea. I could see it being good for, say, someone who is going on a date in an hour or so and wants some quick advise pertaining to that.

    But I could see it being abused---people posting in that section because they WANT advice quickly, but it isn't really a pressing or time-sensitive matter.

  • I think it's a great idea.

    People who need that quick response don't always get it in time, or users answer when really it's too late to share an opinion. I do agree with LadyFilomena though every user likes to deem their question most important and in need of the fastest response.. it would be hard to keep up, and would most likely just turn out to be like the "Other" category.

    Never know though, it could work.

  • Thanks so much for your suggestion! We appreciate your input, and I have forwarded your suggestion to our Directors, and it will be considered as we make changes to the site. We use your suggestions often, and this is a great one! Thanks. :)