What type of article would like to read about on GaG?

What type of article would like to read about on here?

I wanted to write an article about they "grey" areas of being in a relationship. Sort of the definitions of "FWB", "casual dating", etc.

However, I would rather write about something the users would like to rad about; particularly, the Experts & Gurus because they have been around for a while and know most of the articles on here and what they are tired of reading about, and what they would like to read about.


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  • I would like an article about the dynamics of different types of dating like as you mentioned FWB and casual dating. Different people are into different relationship styles and balances of power and things like that which would be an interesting article too.


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  • An article about why traditional turnoffs are turnoffs and why traditional turnons are turnons would be enlightening to a lot of people.

    • If you wrote that it would be 5 stars, and it would haven taken you 5 minutes to write. :)

  • That's good

    I want some 'sexual' articles

    talking about how to finger/eat a girl out



    give a blowjob(because that always comes up)

    But I doubt they'd do it


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