Does anyone else hate when you answer questions and your well thought out answer doesn't receive at least...

...a positive rating or even Best Answer?Ive been seeing that a lot here lately.People just take advice and don't bother to at least rate your answer or even say...Thanks. :/ What's up with that?


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  • You tend to see this most in new members. Most of them don't get the whole Best Answer thing. I think they're basically treating this as Yahoo. It doesn't work but I think the theory fits. That plus there are a lot of retards who don't like the answers they're getting, because it doesn't suit their own selfish nature, so instead they ignore the answers, and repost the question, maybe occasionally rephrasing, thinking we won't notice. Then there are people who just plainly don't give a crap.

    All in all I think that sums up the majority of what's up with that. what do you think? Agree?

    • I do and I have noticed that a lot recently. I think there needs to be a limit placed on how many questions / answers a user can post before selecting a best answer. What do you think?

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    • You're welcome!

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  • lol, yeah I get that all the time and it sucks :D

    i try to always rate good answers when I see them.

    up arrows for every answer on this page!

  • O yea. Happens to me very often. It makes me feel like my well-thought answer was not appreciated. I understand when someone disagrees with my answer, but I don't understand when it's an answer that took me some time to think of, and write.

  • I think people who complain about such insignificant things need to get a life and some self-esteem.

    • I think that the one who elects to answer a question which they deem to be trivial and nugatory need to get a life an some self esteem.

    • you thought incorrectly. This site is about giving advice and I sure did do it.

    • This is pathetic anonymous,u have nothing else better to do?Youre lame... -_- You can say whatever else you like,im above your petty comments...but attempt to have a good year. Woooooo! 2012!

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  • I rate answers and questions especially if they are useful and helpful, I guess it depends oon the individual person.

  • yeah. I feel like I wasted my time. a little appreciation never killed anyone... just saying...