What percentage level of your total questions asked on GaG, about one topic, implies you are paranoid about that topic?

Basically, if you have asked 10 questions out of 100, about a specific relationship problem or physical insecurity, or perspective or such, would that percentage (10 %) imply your paranoid about that topic you've asked more than several questions on?

10% being just an example.

But that being the explanation of what I mean.

So what percentage would you say implies paranoia or over concern on one particular topic?

5 %, 7 %, 12 %, 20 %, 28 %, 40 %

What would you say personally?


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  • I don't know about percentages, but if you asked the same question more rhan two time that is too much

    • Even if you got in-sufficient answers both times? Or even, only very very few sufficient answers? lol

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    • So, lol, I can't see how you can be illuded into thinking everyone on this site see's your question every time?

      As well as the differing understandings of questions and depths and sensitivity of answers that range between individuals which are obviously on at differing times of the day and week.

    • Unless you can justify a counter argument. I can't agree with your perception of this behavior.

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