I'm seeing frequently "This user is no longer a member of GirlsAskGuys.com" on people profiles.... why?

Do you think people are bored with this site and just leave?

or why do you think they leave?

Do you think these people got banned?

Have you known any to get banned?

Why did they get banned?

I see quite a few people's profile with this.

Lastly, does the fact your profile can't be deleted bother you? even when you decide to leave


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  • Some members close their own accounts, and some accounts are removed by Admin (after being reported, warned, etc). All questions and answers remain on the site, so that our members can refer to their advice, and receive as much helpful information as possible! Thanks! :)


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  • From what I hear Facebook is never deleted either. Knowing that act responsibly and understand that what you have engaged in can always come back to haunt you. Doesn't bother me

  • The beauty of life is more enticing than any website. Some people get banned, some people are too busy with school and/or work for this site, some people have realized that enjoying life and discovering what life has that's their's for the waiting is more important than spending so much time here.


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  • They're dropping like flies!

    No it does not.