Should be studying for finals...but you're on GaG for hours. Why?

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But also answer why you decided to go on GaG instead of studying.

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  • I know I'm not going to pass my final, so I'm going to give advice.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Studying is so damn stressful and its nice to go on here and relax and worry about everyones problems, but your own :).

    • It can backfire though, you can read what people write on here and lose faith in the future of humanity.

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    • lol that's hilarious I would have just started laughing. My teacher is probably going to have comments like how does this relate or you didn't really answer the question. I hate her comments their like calling me stupid without saying it.

    • Yeah, I hate those kind of teachers whos sarcasm or statements make you look bad or stupid. =,=

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What Girls Said 5

  • I study before I get on. That way I have hours to blow on here without the idea of failing haunting me.

    • Yeah, but if the chance of passing the class is slim than, satistically chance of passing the final is slim..unless you are tebowing before the final.

    • Oh well then that's just giving up hope lol - not procrastinating about studying :P I've never been in a situation where passing was slim - at least not yet :P but I think you should try. If you do good on the final, it could boost your grade up just enough to pass ^^

  • My essay's not due until Thursday so I managed to convince myself it wasn't a big deal to take a break.

  • Not for hours but I am procrastinating.

  • nope. I'm already done with my finals.

  • I should be making a techpack.


What Guys Said 1

  • I voted yes for some reason because I should really be working on school but not finals. I do my school online and we run on a different schedule with no breaks. I'll be in midterms around Christmas time.

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