Two questions about the GaG search option

1. Why isn't it possible to search for certain members?

When I type in a member's name (the exact name), the result is either some question where that member commented on, or even no result at all, even though it's a still active member.

2. Why can't I sort the search results (the questions) by date?

I type in some keyword, trying to find questions about certain things, and the results are questions that are 2 years old and such. I would have to go through all pages of the search result to find current ones that are matching. I've never seen any forum or similar site where you can't sort the search results by date (and other options like "most answers", "best rating", etc.)...

Ok, ignore Nr. 1, I haven't thought of the URL trick...

But Nr. 2 still bugs me...


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  • Well I agree those things would be an improvement, but that's not an answer to your question. If I'm not mistaken, this site has long ago switched over to search engine powered by google, which generally ends in quick and dirty search results. Yeah I gotta agree with you though, It would be nice if you could sort by date or search out members, but that's just not the case. Maybe if you made enough suggestions to the Contact Us section ( link ), they might eventually change that, but you'll be in for a wait.


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  • 1)

    You can search for members, kind of. But often, google is the better engine to use.

    If you go to Google and enter the search terms Belgie

    for example, you'll find every question and answer I ever wrote, as well as every page I was ever mentioned by name in some question or answer.

    You can use other search terms to narrow things down, and I find this is one way I can look up users questions, even if I'm not friended with them, and don't have access to their "Questions" tab.

    2) I don't know. I wish like hell it was easy to do. What I've found is easiest, is to go to the URL at the top of the page, and enter the page number manually.

    For example, if it says something like

    I can change that to say page=7 and skip to the end of the search.

    Although the search results are not in reverse order, most of the recent results will be on the last page. And there are 15 answers to a page. So if there's 150 search results, then page 10 is the last page of results. And so on.

    If there's a particular post you're looking for, hit me up on messanger and I might be able to help you find it. I've had some experience working with this sites search tool, and I have a couple of work arounds.

  • Yep, that would both be an improvement to the site.


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  • Agreed.

  • 1. www. girlsaskguys. com/ user /LadyFilomena <-----Remove spaces and search that way.

    2. Make the suggestion to GaG by using the "Contact Us" feature.