Can you text questions and get answers in a text from GaG?

i know that you can do that for that website chacha. and you can do it as many times as you'd like.

and if not, why doesn't someone start a petition to do this cause not everyone has smartphones test days ;)


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  • I am new here and what I have learnt so far is that this site is not designed for users to get quick answers by the GAG management. It is for the users, like you and me, to help each other out however, I have seen GAG moderators answering question but they do it in an individual manner and not on behalf of GAG management . In case you have some questions regarding this site or if you have any suggestions for improvement you can approach them directly.


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  • ummmm...i don't think so. :/

  • no I don't think so but I think its a good idea.