Define these terms in your own words please?

These terms get thrown around on GAG quite often. I want you to define each one in your own words just so we're sure what we mean.

Nice Guy

Good Guy




Bad boy


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  • Nice Guy - Generally kind hearted guy, with good intentions, but sometimes has trouble expressing himself, or presenting himself to the opposite gender fully. I've noticed this group contains a lot more of the nerdier, shy, and introverted guys (coincedence? Dunno...)

    Good Guy - Legit dudes that bring the best out themselves for their partners, great confidence, not dare devils or spectacular - but have unique traits that make them fun and interesting. Good lovers, sensitive to his and her needs.

    Jerk - Spoiled type dudes who use superficial things like money or looks as a means to make up for their severe lack of wholesomeness. Usually pretty arrogant, rude, treat their family / friends /and girlfriends like they mean absolutely nothing. Ungrateful, rotten - just generally not fun to be around.

    Player - Men who actively and openly seek women to play - whether for sexual interest or relationship interest. These men seem to get a thrill out of playing multiple relationships - getting a rush having more than one person at a time, balancing them, and sneaking around. Players can incorporate universal traits of all the types - which makes dictating this type more difficult.

    Ass hole - Men who are unbelievably full of themselves - usually irrational, illogical, judgmental, disrespectful, righteous in neaderthal ideals, rude and irritating to be around. Treat people bad for no reason, or because they enjoy it.

    Bad Boy - A dude who is derived from negative circumstances; such as thugs, criminal types, and street types. Bad boys carry a typical tough attitude, often in correlation with the harsher lives they lead. Many come from broken homes or backgrounds, and demonstrate negative traits ranging from mood swings to physical aggression.

    Pseudo Bad Boys - men who pretend or act out bad behaviors for attention. Often have decent upbringing, no real problems to sculpt their behavior, except attention seeking.


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  • I guess in a subjective way here are my definitions of what I perceive when I see these words. I'm willing to be wrong :P

    Nice Guy: does good things for the wrong reasons; doing kind and admirable things for attention or to get someone to like you. Does nice things as a means to an end solely to achieve something like praise or something.

    Good Guy: a genuinely nice guy who does great things for the sake of doing great things and not trying to impress me or anyone else by his actions, but appreciates appreciation and acknowledgement of his deeds.

    Jerk: someone who just gets off on insulting people

    Player: a lying, cheating, bastard

    a**hole: combination of a "Jerk" and scum.

    Bad boy: attention seeking guy who is open about his bad intentions.

  • Nice Guy - He lets people walk all over him. He doesn't know want he wants, so he just goes with the flow of what other people want.

    Good Guy - He does NOT let people walk all over him. This guy is "ideal" for someone like me. He is nice, gets along with everyone, responsible, and does the right thing. That is why people call him a "good" guy.

    Jerk - Max Tucker

    Player - A guy/girl who makes a person believe they like them a certain way in order to get what they want. Manipulative, not honest.

    A**hole - Max Tucker

    Bad boy - A guy who is "dangerous." He breaks the rules, and starts trouble. He is wild.

  • Nice guy- guy who acts nice to get in a girl's pants

    Good Guy- guy who does good to do good

    Jerk- a**hole

    Player- always lying and cheating

    Asshole- Jerk

    Bad Boy- Guy who does bad things for attention

  • Nice guy: he's nice, generally treats a girl appropriately

    Good guy: Innocent, similar characteristics to Nice guy, bring home to dad type of guy

    Jerk: Mean or reacts in away that is detrimental to others' feelings

    Player: Uses girls/guys, can't stay faithful, "Quit playing games with my heart"

    A-hole: Disrespectful, Jerk (see above), inconsiderate, does not treat a girl appropriately

    Bad boy: Does illegal things, is bad for you, likes trouble and danger, frisky, wants sex


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  • I'll add another definition:

    "Nice Guy" - Least successful with women. Like everyone else said, nice for the wrong reasons. They seem to believe that being a virgin or never having a girlfriend or something automatically classifies them as nice. They're usually quite bitter and blame their failures on the opposite gender as opposed to themselves. They say they hate the players, but it's truly because they're incapable of BEING them.

    Nice Guy - Has potential to do well with women. Genuinely nice for the right reasons, but has some sort of problem like shyness, low confidence, social awkwardness, etc... If they can overcome certain obstacles, they can do very well in the dating game.

    Player - Obviously does well with women, lol. A guy that beds a lot of women. Usually relatively confident. I guess they can be broken down even more. There are the ones that make their intentions clear from the start, and give girls an option. I have nothing against these types. Then there are the ones who trick, lie, and deceive women into thinking there's something more, simply to get into their pants. For these types (which I think are a bit more common), well, goflipaburger summed it up pretty nicely.

    Jerk - Moderately successful with people foolish enough to put up with them for extended periods of time. For the rest, a complete failure. A jerk is usually arrogant, rude and obnoxious, but at the same time, can be confident and good looking. Guidos come to mind here. It wouldn't me uncommon for one to display signs of being exactly what a girl would want just to get with her, then show his true colors later on.

    Asshole - An extra annoyingly foolish or stupid jerk. Similar to what goflipaburger said.

    Bad Boy - Puts up a front with his controversial actions for attention. Often has some deep problems either at home, or within.

    Good Guy - Most successful with women, though probably a little rare. Is genuinely nice with good intentions like the nice guy, but also confident like the players and jerks. Doesn't display (to any major extent) any of the negative aspects of either the nice guys or the players and jerks. I'm not single, but this is what I'm striving for.

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