GAG App for iPhone, Droid, etc....

I posted a question about a year ago for the idea of an Ap for phones to make it easier for navigating through GAG instead of using your phones browser.

I was told by a moderator that they were in process of getting one up and running. Well its been about a year now. Any updates?

Do fellow GAG users feel they would use the app if created? I know I would.

  • Yes, give me the app, I'd use it!
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  • No, I'm content with the web browser
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  • I don't care either way
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  • Yes please! This website is quite terribad to navigate on a smartphone, and the ads make it load even slower. Come to think of it, the mobile version would need a place for ads as well, to retain the revue. There wouldn't be a lot of room for more than 1 ad, so GAG should keep that in mind. Or go for a lite with ads and paid version without.

    Sometimes when I type an answer on my iPhone the keystrokes would be delayed by a few seconds. It'd be like tap, tap, tap...taptaptap.

    I'd use it, buy it if it would cost.


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What Girls Said 5

  • Id use it because I like to help people on my spare time.

  • i would use the app.

  • Yes, I'd use it. I'm currently on my iPod as I type this. :]

    • And isn't it not well designed for a mobile device? Some websites have different HTML, so it functions just like an app. GAG is horrible on the small screen... and that new popup window for the login is bad.

    • IDK but I don't have too many problems on my iPod. GAG on there looks just like the computer version minus the meebo IM chat. Now my Blackberry is a different story. lol

  • I would use it. Window 7 with mango upgrade

  • Blackberry


What Guys Said 8

  • it was okay on my ipod like two months ago

    but sinces the ios is updated and the site hasn't made it compatible

    it takes me a lot longer to type and crashes a lot more

    I use the notes app to write out long answers because it would take too long and I'd lose everything

    So yeah either make the site more compatible or make an app

  • i posted this question like 6 months ago and everyone called me a retard and told me I was stupid but its good to see that there are other normal people on gag

    • LOL I posted something similar to this a while ago and surprisingly it didn't give me a "similar question" before I posted. Yeah I feel you tho, sometimes you get bogus far I've gotten pretty productive ones

  • Yea this site is horrible on a mobile browser. I don't need an app a mobile version of the site would be fine. Blackberry App. Or Android as long as I can run it on my Kindle Fire.

    • glad you picked kindle over the OVER PRICED ipad...only apple product I own is the iPhone

    • Trust me I hate Apple more than anyone. Never ever will I buy an Apple product. I used to have an old Apple Desktop before they got so greedy.

    • yeah when it was called "macintosh" lolol with the multi colored oh man lol

  • Yeah I'd use it for sure. I'd like to see it maybe they need to get some one on to it ASAP. Now I only do GAG on the MBP and iMac, I don't use it on any of my other device as it lags a lot on the iPad and iPhone I find. So hell yeah bring it on. Maybe add a poll to this question mate.

  • To be honest I would rather have a streamlined web page than an app; I'd get a little embarrassed having GaG on my home screen, if, y'know, a friend saw it haha

    • just say you use it as an excuse to get an amazon gift card :P lol my friends laugh too, but hey, I like this on this more than FB

  • An app or at the very least, a mobile version of the site.

  • I would use it all the time. They would have to either make it A) free but with ads, or B) $.99 but without ads.

    If it was paid and has ads then I wouldn't bother.

  • No, I'm happy using the webbrowser on my smartphone. I can do anything on that, except access Meebo chat and frankly I don't need that option on my phone.

    I would much rather they work on bug fixing the sites many many bugs, and introducing basic features that are still missing, than working on an App for the iPhone or something.

    Things I think we need to see implemented :

    A working Search tool.

    A search tool for your own answers/questions.

    The ability to sort/filter your own answers/questions

    Automatic two-way blocking

    Comment reply notification

    Get rid of "Reality Check" and have a forum for those types of questions instead.

    Remove XPER awards for questions and answers in the "OTHER" category and then let the more casual questions exist there without deleting them, but only hold 30 days of questions so you don't exceed server space.


    • And parse your inputs so that smart quotes aren't allowed!

    • i like this...but I don't like the "other" category not getting poitns...its part of the site, any question can be long as its a good one it should get points...i would add tho that if admins can remove our questions, after a certain amount of time we should be able to remove them...but good addition to this question...thanks!

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