How have you discovered your friends on GAG?

As a casual commentator I find myself more preoccupied with sharing my own advice than spending time dwelling on anyone else's for any period of time. Is it only the dedicated GURU crew few that are chummy with one another or do regular people strike up engaging conversations based off of posts from what other people have written? Further more, what types of questions do you feel provide the most opportunity to not only seek advice and counseling but fellowship from your internet peers?


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  • Nop, it is not only the Guru dudes that engage on conversation with other GaG peers. The best way to find a friend is post a question and just comment on the most interesting answer, and keep commenting and commenting, if you decide you kind of like what he/she is saying add them as friends, IM them and just start a random convo. with them... I do it all the time. Most of the time I only seek girl-friends, because I am more interested in their opinion than on guys'. What always works for me to build up a friendship with girls is to flirt a bit with them, even if you are not interested, that way they will feel like you are a nice guy and they will feel comfortable talking to you, it works for me all the time, after that I just have random convos with them, and I talk to them as if I had known them for sometime but still asking questions to get to know each other... so yeah, you don't need to be a Guru to have friends :P

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