Your unfairly removed questions can be restored on GaG?


Funny how they made an error the first time they reviewed this question.

I'm guessing they could restore anything then.

Are you going to try get your stuff restored?


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  • You didn't know that?

    some users ask te admins to restore other times I think it's the supermods being tarded

    I've had a few of my questions restored. I don't know if a supermod just has fun deleting my questions but I've asked a few appropriate(not inappropriate), only to receive a bunch of answers, have it removed and after admins come on, the question be restored(admins have the final say so I don't know if a supermod was just being a jerk and shouldn't have removed it)


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  • Yes...admin can restore everything...user accounts, answers, questions, stories etc.

  • Well all My removed questions were unfair, like gee a question about small boobs is profanity...Just Makes me mad, like gag admin supermod or whatever has something agaist me...

    • If you think your question/answer has been unfairly removed, then contact admin by messaging them on the "contact us" page.

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    • They should make new criteria then.

    • Well it wasn't as repetitive as some I see all the time like the penis one, mine was more specific it wasn't like is small boob An issue...

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  • We've been telling people this for AGES. Most don't bother trying, just complaining instead.

  • Knew of it, but I don't care enough to take time out of my day to deal with such a trivial thing.

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