What kind of questions do you ignore on GAG?


Vote in the poll which kind of questions you.. well.. not necessarily "hate" - that's a strong word, but..

Which questions you usually auto-skip?

If you can't make your mind which choice to vote, then take the one you dislike MORE than others!

  • Does she/he like me?
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  • Am I pwettty?!
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  • What is your preference to SIZE/style/race whatever?
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  • A wall of text!!
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  • Questions like this one
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Oh damn.. again mods changed the title! I mean - mind your own business damn it! My title was juuuuust fiiiine!


Most Helpful Girl

  • I most often skip the does she/he like me questions. I just think it's the worst question because the answer is either obvious or you can't really say. I used to not answer the questions with a lot of text, but I've been trying to do that a little bit more because often times those people really need help.


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What Girls Said 7

  • I really don't like the questions regarding size/race and all of that. They are really annoying, because it's always the same. Everyone has different opinions on size and race and all, so it's pointless to ask, in my opinion. Especially since those questions have already been asked a million times.

  • B

    I won't name who... but there's at least one user on here who does it ALL the time and every time it gets deleted. I can't stand those questions that ask "Am I ugly?" or "What do you think of this picture?" and the worst is when they do it AGAIN.

    There are two outcomes when someone asks these questions: you are ugly or you are pretty. If you are ugly, you're setting yourself for some emotional abuse. If you are pretty, I don't believe ANYONE who says "I don't know if I'm pretty." Yes you do. You're asking this because you are fishing for compliments and that doesn't mean you have the ugly duckling syndrome, it just makes you into a snob.

    So that's my rant. I know this might come off a little offensive, but hey.. it's the truth. No one likes a snob.

  • The ones that show up again and again are annoying to me, and so are the ones with sweeping generalizations. A lot of people use their questions just to rant and troll. I don't mind walls of text that much, because usually it seems they're newer users who genuinely need help.

  • -insert generic friendly text- What does this mean? Does this mean he is secretly dating my best friends and never wants to see me ever again?


    Do guys like ___ boobs? I am beautiful, great personality, great ass, in shape and my boobs are a ___.


    My penis is a size __ will I ever get laid? Should I just buy a hooker?

  • Where's the all of the above option?

  • Does he like me!..it's like we don't know your life

  • penis size ones


What Guys Said 7

  • "Rate me!"/"What do you think of this[picture of me]?"

    It's especially annoying when they ask it OVER AND OVER, and when they act as if it's someone else.

    Admittingly, I did it once. I was curious to see how young I looked. I got my answer(19) and never posted a question like that ever again.

  • I hate the very sensitive and opinionated topics, because usually when I give my honest answer I get hated on and downvoted. People ask questions expecting for you to give them what they want to hear, and when you don't you're a heathen and a cacophony of lies.

  • Obviously the penis size questions, but lately it's been either the ones we can't possibly answer (What did this guy/girl mean? Why did they act like this? Like we're supposed to know on here what someone else said/did...) or the ones that are just..."shake head at" worthy.

    "He/she changed his profile pic on FB, is he/she trying to get me to notice?"...how the hell should we know? sh*t...

  • The religious ones. Seriously STFU already with those, pretty soon GaG will be a damn relgious site :/

  • I auto-skip most of the repetitive questions and many aimless questions.

  • C, the race one annoying and funny. I'm not sure if it's the majority but a lot of the users on here are very sheltered and they only watch hollywood movies which tell them that "white is beatiful"!

  • The repeated ones. The ones that the same users, sometimes using different accounts, feel the need to ask over and over and over again.

    Like the girl who asks if you were dating a girl who was otherwise perfect in everyway but couldn't have vaginal sex, would it be a deal breaker?

    Or the guy who recently started obsessing over the injuries that masturbation might because to his knob?

    Or the girl who keeps trying to redefine the word "need" so she can convince the world that men do not need sex.

    Or the guys who keep insisting that women should do the asking out, because they are basically too scared to do it. (Though they never admit that part.)

    Or the guy who writes these long obsessed passages asking girls if they'd be okay dating a guy who was obsessed with the size of d***s. (But he isn't now, honest to god, except that he posts this question about every 6 hours, so obviously he still is obsessed...)

    Or the guy who's obsessed with transgendered people, and often claims to be one, or to have just discovered he is one, or claims to be suicidal about it... At least he never goes Anonymous, so he's actually not that annoying truthfully.

    There are many more. You just have to be on the site a few months, and if you have a decent memory, you'll see most of them. They can't seem to stay away for more than a few weeks.

    Pricks the lot of them.

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