Sh*t white girls say to black


^^ its pretty funny, I have had 99% of what the girl is talking about said to me. lol.

To all the other black girls on GAG is there any other things girls (of any color) have said to you?


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  • There was this one time my white friend was over and she wanted to borrow my shampoo but I had just ran out of it the day before, and I'd probably have some later that day. But instead she came back over with some shampoo...

    Her: hey, I was at the store and I remember you saying you didn't have any shampoo so I bought you some..

    Me: thanks!

    Her: yeah I didn't know which kind was best for your hair, so I got this one it says for colored hair only...

    Me; *laughing my ass off*

    Her: what!?

    Me: It means for color treated hair only

    Other friend: wow way to be a racists (of course jokingly)

    poor thing was so embarrassed, but I knew she meant well, it was so funny, she apologized like 50ty times that day lol

    But I've never had any of that stuff in the video said to me


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  • LOL @ :45 - " That one kinda looks like you -"

    My white friends, have said something like that lol or the lights go out and they're like " omg, cc where'd you go?!"

    Then the part where she's like " I'm not really into black guys...then...omg that black guy is so cute."

    Happens a lot -_-

    The real hair / fake hair thing - that happens a lot too. I was wearing my hair down once, obviously not fake, and some chick I was sitting next too was like " Oh your hair is so pretty - is it real?"

    I just smiled and thanked her.

    I mean, I don't think it's racist - we live in a country full of different cultures. It's only natural we'd start talking about and picking at aspects of another color's culture.

    I hear black people say pretty questionable sh*t about whites / mexicans all the time so, can't really go screaming this and that is racist.

    We're all a little racist at heart :P

  • As a white girl (from a white town/area) the first black friend I had was very stressful. I was conscious every second not to be that chick in the video and eventually she was like, "Look, you're always so awkward and quiet around me and not any one else, is there something that makes you uncomfortable?" and we ended up talking about it and I asked a lot of probably really stupid and potentially racist questions but after that conversation it was never an issue again, nothing ever came up like in that video.

    I think, depending who you are and where you come from and all that, meeting anyone from a different race can be a bit uneasy because you don't know how to act. And if you're not mildly aware of what you sound like and you're not smart enough to ask, or they're not caring enough to help you out the relationship can turn out just like that video.

  • why are people saying it was racist? these Shit _ say videos are funny. white girls are funny tho I used to have some white friends that would say stuff and I'd be like "really?" lol

    America has to get to the point where we are open and honest with social/race issues instead of pretending that there is no difference at all and you can't say "white" or "black" or your racist omg my feelings are hurt. My feeling is, as long as you come from a place of respect then what is the big deal? it's not like those quotes haven't been said

    like one time my white friend had set me up with this guy she worked with and we had absolutely nothing in common and he wasn't my type. I'm like, did you just set me up with him because he's the only black guy you know? lmao


  • For some reason I don't get too much stuff like that said to me. Occasionally I'll get "Do black girls/guys do this...?" but nothing really more than that, surprisingly.

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