How do you upload a personal photo on here?

I want to ask a question regarding a photo I have, so how do I use a photo as part of my question?


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  • You can't. You just basically take a URL and then post it on here, and it will turn into a link. It will even automatically change to just the word "Link". For example - - Still, you can't do it yet. I think you need to be level 3 or 5 here. The reason for this is to help prevent spammers. Also if the link in your question is so you can post a picture of yourself and ask if you look good or bad, just don't. Chances are your question will be removed, mainly because nobody (especially administrators) likes those kinds of questions.

    But yeah, that's it. I hope this was helpful.

  • Click on your profile, and then click 'Edit Profile', and scroll down - thers a thing saying 'Upload Photo', you just look for the photograph in your computer and then click 'upload', and you're flying.

    They delete questions pertaining to pictures of yourself, though =/


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