If you get your questions removed on GaG...

Lets say you post a question, it somehow breaks the guidelines of question asking.

So..a moderator takes it down. Now, you're only allowed 2 questions in a matter of 6 hours I think? Lets say I asked 2 questions in a row and one gets removed, why are you not allowed to post another question within the 6 hours if you really only have one visilbe question.

Im not saying you post a quesiton to deliberatly break the guidelines, but sometimes people make mistakes.

Do you think if your question gets removed, you should be able to post another question in its place?

  • Yes, I should be albe to post another question in its place
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  • No, its your fault for not following the guidelines
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  • Its 6 hours? I thought it was one hour unless they changed it. But to answer your question, I think that's fair as long as the question isn't anything like the one already posted. They just do it because there's a lot of people on here who would take advantage and abuse asking questions (trolls). Sometimes questions are removed for stupid reasons. I asked a question and had it featured only to have it taken down 30 minutes later because they said it was a duplication. It definitely wasn't a duplication, and I never got my xper points back for "featuring" it since they took it down so quickly. A lot of times, they don't even read questions thoroughly or even investigate it but are quick to take it down.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I got one removed for being offensive.. and it totally was not offensive, I have no idea how it could have been offensive. So Yeah, I think you should get another question.

  • The deleted question still counts as one of the two questions, its considered to be a punishment for breaking the guidelines.

    • LOL! Do you get punished often? I would still love to know why...some days almost nothing comes down...and other days ALL Kinds Of Stuff Comes Down.../:..I still think some of the Admins are cool and others are Goody Two Shoes and should spend more of their time in a church or mosque and leave me the hell alone...(:

What Guys Said 4

  • It's an anti-trolling thing.

    If a troll posts some offensive question, and it's removed, he can post it again only once. He can't spam the board, putting it up again every time Admin takes it down.

    • i never thought of that...hmm

      i was more so saying, if I post a question and it gets removed, why can't I post a different question...for example one is about racism and its too vulgar, it gets removed...then I feel like posting a question about politics, a completely different topic of question...

      thanks for the answer, again I never thought that there are people who would probably spam the server with the same quesiton lol

  • Dude, I've asked a question about getting submissions removed and it got removed. It seems like mods here become f***ing Nazis.

  • GAG removes questions because they suck. I've asked some obviously trolling questions so they were removed, understandably, but sometimes they remove them for the dumb reasons. I posted a question about blowjobs and titled it "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a..." and they removed it. but it was a legit question. ughhh

  • They did it because of me

    ~Pantyboy~ >:)

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