What are your thoughts on GAG? Best and worst parts?

I just joined because I now can get opinions from both sexes without the annoyance of sugar coating or worrying about judgement. What are your thoughts on it? I just want to know what I am in for :)

Also, who have you received good advice from on here?


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  • Welcome to GAG. :)

    It has been a little over a year for me on GAG and honestly it has been one of the best things that has happened to me. There are many reasons I love this site like:

    1- I have made a lot of great friends that I don't consider them to be just "online buddies". They know how much I love them and how much I care. I am happy to have them in my life.

    2- I had been in a bad relationship and didn't know what do. GAGers helped me to leave him and my friends was there for me and never gave up on me. If I haven't come across this site, I would have still been with him. My life has changed for the better after I left. This is huge :)

    3- I love to interact with people coming from different cultures, countries and ethnicities. GAG allows this to happen. Several people here are intelligent, insightful and amazing. :)

    4- GAG allows you to share your life experiences with others. I hope people wouldn't suffer or go through what I had to deal with. I give the best advice I have and I hope I could help.

    Users who troll on your questions and answers is the worst part but is definitely avoidable. Just ignore them and if you ever felt offended you should contact the admins and they will take proper action. They strive to make it a better place for us. :)

    To all who see nothing but negative things on GAG, I suggest that you talk to others and to give the best advice you have. You never know...you might change others life for the better...as some here have done to me. :)

    Alot of people here give excellent advice. You will definitely love the site if you want to get good insight and share yours as well. We share knowledge here. :)

    Hope this helps. :)


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  • Well it seems most of the cool people are gone. Sorry to break that to you. a lot of the people on here just like to troll around. But there are also a lot of serious people on here too. Take me for example I basically try to help out people in the Relationship and Behavior Section. Other than that I'm sure everyone else has their little niches.

    Hope that helped.

    • I go ahead and tell you that Every question I've asked someone has given me like a whole page

      of really good advice. I just see the trolls on other peoples questions. The reason I stay here is because of the advice I got.

  • From a firsthand experience

    Who have you received good advice from recently?

    • honestly? Its been a while. Friends try to spare my feelings and family tends to think of their best interest as well. I would say the last time I got really good advice was from my academic adviser in college who encouraged me to join Americorps. now have you gotten good advice on here?

    • u should add my comment to your question

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  • There's no specific opinion. This is just a place where people ask questions and other people give their opinions. It's exactly the same as Yahoo answers. No big deal.

  • i really love this site. they people give great advice and I also love sharing my advice to others :) ... I like it because one has a sence of belonging somewhere... and I just enjoy it :)

  • it's the same sh!t on here everyday.

    -does he like me?

    -how can I get a guy to approach me while sitting back not doing anything?

    -how can I make him text me more?

    -i looked him for .086 seconds and pretended to text! what is he still doing?

    -why is not able to read my mind? do guys need things spelled out?

    -i'm old fashioned... until it no longer benefits me.

  • I come here for the knowledge. I think a lot of people take this place way too serious and practically live here. They care too much about what others' think of them and they should go get out and explore life instead of spending all their time on this webstie.