What's your reason for joining GAG?

basically what I just said :p why did you join? How did you come across it? What did you hope to gain from it? And anything else that I'm not bothered thinking about...


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  • I'd heard it was a vacuous cesspool of depraved humanity and a place where dreams go to die, so I checked it out. It's everything I'd hoped for!


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  • I stumbled across it by chance on twitter, found it an interesting concept and stayed ever since lol

    What's yours?

    • my friends would always be talking about funny questions that they found on it and stuff and I got curious and went on it. Pretty much my life story :p

      this has nofin to do with the question but I was just wondering, where in australia do you live?

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    • Im lebo, but I was born here so...yes?

    • Lol fair enough

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  • I joined a little over a year ago because at the time, I needed advice and insight about this guy who meant so much to me. I was new to dating and this place was great for me with this abundance of information! Then it just became a place I come to when I'm bored

  • I joined because I saw a question I wanted to answer. I came across it on google. I just wanted to understand people a little better and I think it worked fairly decently.

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