People who answer questions without fully reading them: why?

Honesty, please. If you've ever stopped reading after "..." and answered anyway, why did you do it?

Did you think you could give this person a valuable answer, even though you didn't read their question? Did you do it solely for the Xper? Any reason at all?

Often when this happens, it's young girls who give immature and ignorant answers, but sometimes it's people who are older than that too. Thinking in black/white instead of in greys seems to be common (especially in relationship questions). The answers usually aren't an answer to the question, which they would've known if they actually read it. Sometimes the most important part of the question happens to be the last part.

If you're not going to finish the question (assuming you think it's bs), what makes you not just leave the page?

Kudos to you who read all of this! ;D


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  • sometimes its when you feel you get the gist of the question after reading the the first few paragraphs and its being prolonged but I don't feel as if I've ever given a bad response. If I have no interest then I just won't answer at all and the few times I actually missed something the question asker will add a comment and say well what about the such and such so I mean for me its never been that big of a deal I was always willing to keep talking to the person asking the question

  • Well

    as you may have witnessed first hand.

    I would say this happens with women more than men on here. I think people tend to babble on for 3 paragraphs or more and sometimes never get around to what the ACTUAL question is. Yes, you place a question at the top and then a description BUT if you are looking for true advice then what is the need to go on and on about something your clueless on. I am not educated or informed on the way most vehicle's work so in turn I would ask the exact problem I am encountering and need assistance with and then let the experts or trial experts get back to me. Did I make this a little bit of a longer response to see if anyone would read it all? Maybe...Did it make sense? I will leave that up to you..

    • I noticed this indeed (hence the "young girls" I mentioned). I can understand that descriptions can be very long and not to the point, I'm not denying that at all, but I wonder why people still answer them and don't leave the page. It happens that these clueless people start making more sense towards the end of the description, because of all the babbling their problem may become clearer for themselves as well.

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    • I'd like to hear some. :)

    • People, even without any knowledge of how, have an urge to assist

      People have an urge just to be heard

      People think their words are SO important that they can not just leave things alone

      People are A*%holes

      Misery Loves Company (Have you heard this one and do you get it?)

      People Like to Pitch Stones from their NON GLASS house (get it?)

      These are just some of the reasons

      Oh, One final One


      which is Emotion and Impulse

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