How do I earn more about Xper points?

Please help! I'm new to this and totally confused!


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  • You get 3 per answer, one per question, along with a whole host of profile changes (logging on, uploading pictures, making a bio, etc). link

    Fastest way to earn points is by winning contests located at the top of website. You can get like 3k per contest!


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  • Activity


    Earn Extra points when you...

    Signing Up


    - Update your "About Me" info (+5)

    - Update your location info (+5)

    - Add images (+3)

    - Add a custom icon (+5)

    - Log in every day (+2)

    No login for 7, 30, 90 days (-5, -10, -50)

    Asking a Question


    Question is rated by another member within 24 hours of submission (+0 to +5)

    Question gets removed by moderators (-3)

    Answer a Question


    - Asker selects your answer as the best answer (+10)

    Answer gets removed by moderators (-3)

    Follow Us on Twitter Follow Us


    Follow Us on Twitter and then tweet "@GirlsAskGuys username:XYZ" on Twitter (+50)

    Become a Fan on Facebook Become a Fan


    Become a Fan on Facebook and then comment on the "GirlsAskGuys Usernames" post on our Facebook Wall (+50)

    Check in with Meebo Bar Meebo Check in


    - For every check in earn (+10) Xper Points

    - For every check in as a VIP user you earn (+15) Xper Points

    - To become a VIP member check in at least 3 times in 7 consecutive days. One time VIP Bonus Points (+100)

    - Check in at least once a week to keep your VIP status

    - You can check in everyday, once a day

    Write a Story


    - Story becomes a featured article (+20)

    - Story is rated by another member within 24 hours of submission (+0 to +5)

    - Story contains more than 500 words (+2)

    And many more! The more you participate, the more points you can earn and redeem for free stuff.

    I got it from this link


    just log in be active and be smart though please don't just answer or ask for points have a purpose to what you do.

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  • Just read this here:


  • seeing as how your level three I think your doin just fine

    • LOL, I honestly haven't done a thing besides post questions. I have no idea how I got to level 3

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    • also if you click on your account right next to xper points there's a question mark you can click on so you don't have to keep checking back here for the links :)

    • i just come here to see if anyone has answered my question...(not this one) lol the actual question that I have confusion over :/

  • I used to love to horde xper points.

    • hahaha I just want to get 1000 so I can feature one of my questions to get an accurate answer lol

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    • well I did it a million times.

    • hmm, I guess I can try again and hope it works

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