Hey I'm new here..need some quick help?

OK..since I started..Iv uploaded pics..changed my location..etc..and I'm supposed to get 5 points for each thing..and I'm still at 20?..when do the points get updated..thanks..

Thank you very much..
Does it work EVERY nigth..week days only?...cus I signed up last nighth..and have ansered around 30 questions..and I still have 20 points?..

Also,when you order the Amazon gift card...how does that work?..is it a online gift card?...and thanks..this website is fun haha.


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  • Xper points are calculated nightly but it may take 24-48 hours to appear on your account. If your Xper points do not increase, it may be because your question or answer was removed, or a question that you answered was removed.

    Thanks! :)

    • Yes, every night. :) But remember, 24-48 hours.

      When you have accumulated 4000 points, contact us, and we will have Amazon email you the online gift card.


    • Thanks..can you "stack" gift cars together..is what you buy with your gift cards private?..also do the prices change..or is it always the same..goft card,shirt,etc?...thanks

    • Yes, you can order more than one Amazon card at a time if you have enough points. :) The Xper redeem prices are here:


      They stay current unless we are restructuring. :)

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  • Points get updated after 24hrs they don't get instantly added I went from level one - 5 after one day of activity but then my activity slowed down because I was busy.