Had this ever happened to you? Conversations on GAG..

You will chat with people here on GaG and you will have a perfect conversation but then you will never chat again ?

Or that you might chat again but it won't be as good as the first conversation ?

I don't like it when it goes this way . how about you guys and girls ?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I've never talked to anyone here via chat lol.

    But I think the problem for the second one is... human nature.

    Some people can manage out a good single conversation before not knowing what to say. Maybe they're just boring? :P

    The first one though: they either talk to a lot of people, or what you thought was good and desirable is just trivial to them. Or something else, I don't know lol.

    • Thanks for sharing with us :)

      And I liked the "human nature" yet I don't get it lol

      If the person you are talking to is interesting and cool then why don't ya talk again to him or her ... ?!

    • You misunderstand, you may think they are interesting and cool. But they may think you are boring, or just another person. Thus, why bother doing that again?

      It's human nature to at least have one good conv go well. You have your entire life at disposal to talk about and reference. Each consecutive conversation, you have less to reference to and talk about. For example:

      If that person lives a boring life, and all they like are kittens. One good conv about kittens. Then they're boring as all hell

    • Your point is really good ! and yea that explains a lot ! ^_^

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What Guys Said 2

  • I don't like it either. But that is how it is. There are just too many people around.

    I go here once or twice a month and I have 30 friends or so. No way I can chat with them more. And those are just friends here. I have thousands "friends" online. What really matter are being with friends you can talk with in person.

  • I chose other because I can be lazy, the way I prefer to be.

    I don't go the chat anymore, I kinda lost interest in doing so , but yeah, some people on here I get along with, but its rare we talk often.

    • i see . Yup I knw you :P :P and yeah you aren't online hahahha

    • Thats how the cookie crumbles unfortunately.

What Girls Said 2

  • yes of course, all the time. Sometimes it's the opposite.

  • yeah, it's happened.