How do you feel about the fact that GaG never really deletes your pictures?

...or the fact that your private photos can be seen by non-friends?

Do you feel comfortable knowing they keep store of all those photos of you despite your desire to delete them? Or comfortable knowing that with 4 clicks a stranger can view your current and past photos without your explicit permission

SIDE NOTE: for the non-believers set your profile to private before answering (only works if you're not my friend), with permission, I'll link you one of your photos or I can show you a photo you have already deleted (only if you have deleted one, obviously).

Personally I find it completely irresponsible that when I remove a photo from GaG, it is still on site and is still viewable to the public at large.

When I discovered (just 30 min ago) I could view anyone's photos past and current I was appalled and.horrified. Would if someone accidentally uploaded a photo they didn't want on this site? The picture becomes immortalized through this site.

I understand I'm probably one of a very few amount of people who have spotted this.. maybe the only.. but nevertheless it needs attention before it becomes a public practice (by the way, I will not be giving tutorials on how to do this since it is utterly wrong and I'm hoping for a fix). But I am willing to show the power exists for any skeptical people willing to volunteer.

By the way, you thought you could only store 5 pictures on this site per account... oh how you were wrong.. Depending on how many deleted you could have an on-site album of 20.. 40.. 100.. etc..

I bring this to attention because someone uploaded a photo (don't worry nothing bad) for me to see then quickly deleted it (cause she obviously didn't want it as a profile photo or anything).. but I noticed it wasn't actually deleted and that's slightly infuriating for me. Don't know how you guys feel about it. Thoughts?

  • GaG doesn't protect my privacy and it makes me uncomfortable.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Thanks for your feedback!

    We were experiencing problems where "Removed" images were not actually being removed, but we have resolved this issue. From now on, when you "Remove" an image on your profile (click "Remove" under the image), it will be deleted permanently. We are also working to remove old images that were a result of this glitch.

    Thanks again!


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  • Be forewarned... nothing on the internet is sacred... posting *anything* on here... video, pictures, information, regardless of privacy statements, is valid game for anyone with enough persistence to peruse at their leisure.

  • yeah, I know that happens with a lot of websites. Facebook, too. how'd you figure that out?/link me to mine?

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    • I just checked the first one.. I didn't check to see more, nor do I wish to. I don't like snooping through people's deleted photos (they deleted them for a reason-- because they didn't want people seeing them) it makes me feel like a creep. To get the photo off from tinypic, just report it as offensive (there's a button) and they automatically swipe it off the server. By the way, gymnasts are hotties.

    • okay, cool. just wondering. and I'm not really a gymnast heh

  • that's why I don't put pictures up here. There are a lot of really creepy guys here. Sometimes you can just tell by the way they talk to you. Who knows what they do with that picture!? D: Not only that, but there are quite a few really insecure girls who like to take interesting, funky pictures or pictures of attractive girls and pretend that's them. That's not cool and I'm not okay with that. I don't want my face out there.

  • o.O Is there a way to permanently delete them?

  • I don't quite understand. Could you explain it to me a little better? Sorry I'm a dummy.

    • Non-friends can view your profile. Pics you remove can still be seen.

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    • o.O think you have confused like with love..

    • No I know it's not love.

  • That's why I won't post pictures because I figured if you can't delete questions what else can't you delete. Because of that fact makes me very uncomfortable that's one of the main reasons why I post most of my answers under anonymous because even if you delete your profile your questions and answers are still on this website GAG. Really needs to update some things so we can take some control over out own profile its really about our own privacy that we want to protect. Thank you very much for posting this I really think more people need to know then maybe they will watch what they post and maybe if enough people contact GAG about this privacy maybe they will change this.

  • Once you put something on the Internet, pictures or anything, it basically stays there forever... might make you think twice about what you say and do on all the websites you frequent. Stuff could come back to haunt you some day.


What Guys Said 6

  • I noticed that not ALL of my past photos are still up, just some. That shows that there must be some cut-off where they get overlapped after a while. It sucks cus I would like some of those to get deleted. I still look chunky in some of them. SMH.

    A user who uploads a lot of photos consistently would likely be screwed by this (if they truly care about privacy). A private profile is not truly private, unfortunately.

    • You sure they got cut off and weren't just uploaded in a different format? jpg, jpeg, png, etc..

      I got one that was removed about a year ago still in mine.

    • Let's just say I use a consistent format. Not gonna say too much just in case someone is watching O_O

      A lot of them are missing and I'm not sure why. There was even one that I uploaded for two weeks and it doesn't show up. Strange.

    • Well then I guess you're just lucky. ^__^

  • I know you can find peoples old display pictures on a simple google search, but how do you acess their deleted photo gallery?

    • I just worked out how to do it. BLEW MY MIND. Holy GOD. That would have been useful, actually, because I told a girl I can't talk to again for a long time I'd save all her pictures, you know, in memory of her, lah-de-dah, that old chestnut. But one particularly important picture got deleted and I was really annoyed about that. I might be able to retrieve it, this way... So I apporve =] Hahah

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    • Why couldn't you contact her again (why if you were so connected would your main contact be through this site-- and not say Facebook where you can see much more than 5 pics of her)? No offense, but that whole message screamed she left me and blocked me but now I can creep on her pics again. o.o

    • No, no. Listen, I'll message you...

  • I know the bug you're talking about.

    I'm okay with it.

    My attitude is, as always, don't be uploading stuff to the net, if you don't want people to see it.

    • Well when I'm 15.. a picture of my currently scrawny figure is fine.. when I'm 30.. I don't want that pic to be seen anymore.

  • Are you sure you're seeing pics through the site actually and not stuff that's cached? If you mean you're seeing old photos when you type in the URL or something and if you haven't cleared your cache it's likely still on your own computer and your browser is loading that, not downloading it from the server again.

    Not saying you're wrong, if they really don't delete it that's sh*tty, but you know Facebook has done this for years now ya? And more.

  • I just had a fiddle around with it on myself, and that's some security hole! With a bit of logical thinking and minimal webdev knowledge you could easily run a nasty query D:

    I'm surprised GAG hasn't run into a bit of a storage issue because of this!

  • Ummm... I only posted the pictures I want others to see. So, I'm fine with the way things are.

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