How come it doesn't always show on my profile when I comment on an answer?

I've noticed it isn't just me either like I'll stalk some of my friends (lol) because I like their point of view and randomly find comments on questions that don't show up on their like recent activity. Is this just an error or is it because if they comment on private profiles it doesn't show up? Anyway I was just curious if anybody knew what was up.


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  • What?

    • haha like you know on anyone's profile it shows that they commented on something like 10 hours ago in their recent activity or something. Well sometimes I find things that aren't shown in that recent activity on my or someone else's profile. Like it's a glitch in the system or something.

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    • lol what?

      Ok, the only time you can see answers you commented is if YOU'RE un-anonymous. On 'recent activities" it doesn't say who you commented on, it just says you commented on something. It doesn't matter if the person you commented on was anony. Are we on the same page here? Or like on two totally different novels?

    • I know I mean that it won't come up on recent activities at all.. like I'll be checking out random questions and notice a recent activity they made that didn't show under their recent activities page like on a friend's profile. It's like sometimes it doesn't get recorded on the page. They aren't anonymous and it can be very recent.

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  • If you comment on my answer, like you just did in the question about religion, you won't get notified if I reply to you. That's not because GAG isn't working correctly. If I were to get notified for each comment I put on someone else' answer, then that would also mean that I would be notified if the answerer was talking to someone else. However, there are pros and cons to this, just like there are pros and cons to everything else in life. I contacted the higher ups in the bottom left of the screen, recommending that it would help if they improved the system by allowing notifications to show up in the inbox.

    • I meant that it didn't show everything people comment on their profile not in the responses or through live feed.

    • What do you mean?

      If I comment on your story, I won't know if you respond to me. Also, I won't be able to see your anonymous answers if I look at your answers page. I don't know if I can see your comments on your page. Maybe I can't see your comments.

    • Yeah this is before I started using the live feed so this question isn't really relevant to me anymore. Before I noticed that I'd notice that they would answer something non anonymously and it wouldn't show up on their profile. I thought it was possibly a problem at the time lol

  • I think it only records they commented on their profile, if the user also had an answer in the question.

    If they come across the question, do not provide an answer, and comment on someone elses answer, I don't think it gets recorded on their profile.