What can we do to increase our answer rate to our GAG questions?

I've noticed there's a lot of good quality questions being asked on this site and yet few people bother to even answer. So let's get a consensus. What do you think would help?

  • Ask more unique questions
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  • Change the time of day you post questions (not many people are on at that time and so your question gets lost in the mix)
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  • Dont ask it anonymously
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  • Add a poll to it, everyone loves plls
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  • Other / Mix of reasons (explain below)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • A few things:

    - Use a catchy question heading. Have fun with it, be clever with it.

    - Use proper spelling and grammar. dnt use net-speak abbrevi8ions.

    - If it's a long question, don't be afraid to hit the enter key every now and then to space it out and make it easier to read.

    - Make sure you're posting it in the most relevant section. This one is a little tricky since flirting, dating, relationships and break-up all deal are all different parts of the same subject, but the more relevant to the section it is, the less likely it will get buried with a ton of other questions. (again a tricky one, still trying to master it myself)


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What Guys Said 6

  • Along with what others have said, good reputation never hurts. I know of a lot of people who will not answer some people's questions based off of who is asking. So don't be that guy who cusses your head off at a "dumb" question, or make questions that don't make sense, etc. All of the answers so far are also very good =)

  • I just want you to know your voice has been heard, I feel your pain, and I'm appointing a committee to get to the bottom of it.

  • I would say all of the above, assuming the following

    Choice A: obviously new and different questions get noticed, people don't want the same questions

    Choice B: People are here from all over the world so if you post when people somehwere else are up it could get their answers insteead of the question being off the first page by then

    Choice C: people take it more seriously

    Choice D: as long as the poll relates to the question.

  • Make the questions simple and broad so users can rant and feel smart about it.

  • As one who asks very few questions but answers a lot, here are my thoughts:

    Obviously unique ones are good. Boobs vs Butt type ones have been asked a million times.

    Polls are also good, they help with being more to the point about what you want to know.

    Keep them short. Being blinded by text discourages people from reading.

    Space your paragraphs if it has to be longer, it's easier to read that way.

    Use proper spelling and grammar, again easier to read.

  • The best way is to spend the Xper points to make it a featured question.

    Then, C, then A, and finally B. Post between 7pm EST and 12:00 EST.

    • I've seen featured questions posted that only have 3 answers

    • They are the exception to the rule.

      Generally, featured questions have the highest response rates.

What Girls Said 1

  • Dont ask anonymously and answer other ppls questions. When someone answers my questions sometimes I look @ their profile and answer any of theirs too