Anyone else hate that stupid pop up when arriving at GAG?

Ok, for me, it all started a while back with the nesquik ad's...some people got them, some didnt.

I have a pop up blocker now, which is great and once you reach a certain level of expertise they go away.

Well not when I type in I get that stupid "sign up" pop up...

its annoying, I don't understand it...all I want to do is log in to the right without the stupid pop up...

there is an option to "sign up" in the login section so I don't see why there is a need for the pop up...its just super annoying and pisses me off every time I come here..

do you feel it is necessary to have a pop up come up to try and get you to sign must be annoying for people who are already members...

get rid of it!

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  • Leave it, it invites new people
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if you never see it, do you have an explination as to why it doesn't come up for you? I have cookies enabled, pop up blockers, etc...i see 2 votes for (wait, what are you talking about) and I'd like to know more as to how I get it and you dont! lol


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  • totally agree with you.

    it's isn't necessary at all.


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  • I hate it!

  • It doesn't bother me anymore. I know that it will pop up, and I just move my mouse to where the (X) to close it is before it pops up.

  • I don't see ANY advertisements on this website or any other so not quite sure what it looks like. I use Firefox and have the add on "adblock plus" which removes them all

  • Let your browser sign in automatically.

  • I don't see anything. I use adblock plus and the site is completely clean.

  • If you have cookies, you don't see it.

    I never see it.

    • i have cookies, both at work and at home...what the poop lol

    • I suspect you have some setting on your browser, or some tool, which disables cookies or deletes them when you close down your browser.

      When you enter the URL to go to GAG, or hit the bookmark or whatever, do you then have to sign in to GAG? And did you not log out the last time you were at GAG?

      If so, your cookies are not working as you think they are.

    • ok, hmm ill check this out...thanks man