(UK only) Did anyone go to University at Leeds Met/London Met/Nottingham Trent?

I am looking at universities in England, and wondered if anyone has gone to any of those unis (Leeds Met, London Met or Nottingham Trent). What are they like? Hows the area, life, atmosphere, etc?

P.S. I want to study design (product/furniture) and have no clue how to choose one of them over the other, any help would be much appreciated :D


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  • Well...I've applied to Nottingham. I have friends there and they say that the campus is a very nice, friendly place. You know they have descriptions and advice on their websites?

    • I know, but on their own websites they aren't going to say anything harsh. Just wondered if I could get the opinion of anyone who has actually been there, seen as I love them all :P

      Looked on their sites and stuff, but can't find much personal views/stories etc

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    • Thankyou. I'll only be able to make my final choice after going to the open days, though. Which uni is your top choice?

    • Those three, all joint. I'm awful at being decisive, and with three I can't even flip a coin for it haha. Ah well, they say you love wherever you go :)

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