Concerning "does he like me" type of questions on GaG

I am not sure how allowed I am to write this and it might get deleted soon .. but for those people who keep asking " does he/she like me " .. How on earth can we know if they like you ?

Yes, each one has a different story but if you are asking yourself the question then there is a 80% possibility that he/she doesn't like you! If they did , you would have known by know!

You guys, stop wasting time asking us what some friends of yours think.. .Go out there, talk to them .. and find out yourself.. because believe it or not .. even if we tell you that he/she does like you .. you would still be not satisfy and act weird around them .. This site is full of this kind of questions and a ton of more important questions go down unanswered .. because of the over load of "does he/she like me " type of questions ..

Thank you


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  • Yet this isn't even a question and I've wasted 45 seconds reading it.

  • Sometimes those questions can be answered though. Especially if she relates the sorts of things that make guys go "D'UH!"

    What's more annoying about those, isn't so much that the questions can't be answered... it's that the answer is pointless. If he doesn't like her, nothing will happen. If he does like her, she still won't do anything about it. It's not like someone would read the answer, go "Oh, he likes me!" and then go out and ask him for a date.


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