Who removes the questions on GAG?

AS the question asks.

Also can the removal of a question be contested and the question recovered?


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  • The moderators do, the ones with that neat little red bubble to be specific. And you can use the "contact us" link at the bottom of the page to talk to the admin of the site about a question you don't feel should have been removed.

    HOWEVER, contrary to what DRE says all questions are removed for a reason. When you become a moderator they send you a whole list of things to look out for and delete when you see. We do encourage intellectual and healthy discussion but arguing, hating and trolling are not permitted. There are quite a few questions I've had to remove because they've been rude or offensive.

    And no, offensive does not mean questioning the existence of a god, it means bashing the people who believe in him. Questions that don't make sense, questions that post names of people, phone numbers or talks about other members are not allowed, offensive questions are not allowed, advertisements for other sites aren't allowed, duplicate questions, questions where the asker reveals themselves to be under sixteen, explicitly sexual questions, and questions that are of inappropriate adult topics are all removed.

    If you have a question about why a question was removed you can feel free to contact the admin and ask about it!

    • Are you saying that GAG Admin no longer removes Questions...they were the ones that were so bizarre in their inconsistency...and...just what is "inappropriate adult topics"?

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    • Who decides what is PG-13? And what is not...

    • Of course, feel free to message me.

      And Taster it's up to the discretion of the Moderators, that's why not every one is a moderator, the admin make sure you'll be fair and well meaning and you know what is acceptable and unacceptable, unbiased and all that.

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  • Mods/administration don't always remove according to their rules. A lot of it is discrimination, arbritrary and personal vendettas, resulting in Nazi abuse. That's being my case for the most part. Also, if so much as one person here doesn't like you, he/she can create multiple accounts and use it to flag your comments/questions repeatedly so it piles up on the reported list, making admin think this person is a multiple offender, thus makes her a target, after which mods stalk her. You'd think GAG authorities here wouldn't fall for such ploys, well think again.

    Don't believe me? Well stay here long enough and you'll learn that truth for yourself. I once had issues with an infamous user here who's name I won't display. I did what I could to get rid of that person, yet in turn it got me in trouble. Though in the end, that user was permanently banned for violently threatening others. So I don't bother helping admin around here since they often takes sides with the bad guys.

    • And yet I notice a guy's comment in calling mods nazis is removed. That's all he said, yet mod/admin removing that is evidence that they ARE that, trying to cover up their bad reputation so advertiser don't see it.

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    • They did, ihatework. He simply said "Nazi moderators" or something short to that effect. I agreed with him, and commented on his comment, then it's removed in a hurry. Need I prove that admin is trying to cover up for government conspiracy such as the Twin Towers coming down by in-building explosions NOT planes crashing into it?

    • Oh pooh, giggle giggle. The user >handsomejackk< blocks me off because he can't handle a girl with a sense of humor and liberty. No, he's used to the submissive, mindless old age hags of barbarian tribes who'll just do whatever he wants. Well I have him blocked as well, the arrogant tyrant. No need to hear from such degenerates in this forum or otherwise.

  • The Supermods and Admin remove all questions.You should have received an email with a general explanation as to why your posting was removed. If you would like further details, please forward the email that we sent to you, and we will provide you with specific information regarding the decision to remove the posting. Thanks! :)

  • The moderators do


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  • The supermods can delete questions temporarily.

    All the deletions made by supermods, are reviewed by Admin.

    If Admin agrees, then the question is deleted.

    If they don't agree then the question is restored.

    If Admin deletes your question, then you can appeal by the using the Contact Us page.

    If they agree that the deletion was made by mistake, they will restore the question.

    If they don't respond, it means your appeal was denied and the question will stay deleted.

    Lots of people think the question deletion policy is unfair, but remarkably few ever bother to appeal. They prefer to complain.

    • I never ever got any response from GAG Admin...but I have never had much in the way of complaints with the mods or supermods...

  • you can send an email back if you don't think it went against their rules and they might restore it, but they are a bit trigger-happy when it comes to deleting

    • I wonder how many appeals are won by the user...never heard of very many being reinstated...

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    • I've yet to see any of mine reinstated, even though I know I appealed it properly. The judiscial system here is as lazy and dull as the American version. They just don't want to bother, they just want to return to their tea and call it the night.

    • Yeah, they probably don't care

      sucks for us though

  • I remove all the questions that warrant removal, the mods and administrators take care of the rest.

    • LOL!

      Oh, palek, my dear you're no longer a mod... thank god! :D

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    • The First Amendment? Is that the 'freedom to queef in restaurants'-? If so, I did just that and got kicked out. I told the owner I wasn't farting, only queefing -- there was no smell. Yet they still kicked me out because some old geezer was offended by the noise, thinking it was going to smell :(

    • I feel your pain. I once thought I had cut a fart, but it smelled badly so I knew it wasn't mine.

  • The mods are well within their rights to remove any question as they see fit. First Amendment rights only apply to you if it's your OWN website.

    I think GAG is still pretty liberal, I mean, they allow a flood of the same repetitive "Does Size Matter?" questions, so if they remove something, they would have a pretty good reason.

    • Ugghh...your mindset is still narrow and delusion from where we last left off, when I jested about your nipples and you took it the wrong way. Small wonder you would side with the authorities on this case you, you freakin' nazi.

    • @queefy: I did intend for where we last left off to be the point at which we left off permanently. My mistake. You are now blocked.

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