Private profiles - how would you change these?

What would you tell GAG about Private Profiles that you would change for the better? Do you feel you are talking exposed while they are cloaked almost as well as Anonymous? What if you are answering a sex question unknowingly to someone under age?!?!?

  • At least tell what age group they are!
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  • It would help answering to know their location
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  • Other or see answers
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  • I don't think it matters, they'll learn things other ways, plus there are millions of other message boards out there. I don't think it would be as affective if people couldn't post anonymously because that's how you really get the truth out of people.


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  • Is it really that big of a deal seriously? Ur jist nosy under age kids learn about sex in school and on google. People want there 100% privacy when asking anon on cpus duh.


What Guys Said 1

  • Couldn't care less. If people don't want their profile to be public, that's up to them. It's not like there's any way to check the accuracy of what they write anyway - just because their profile says they're a 19 year old girl, doesn't mean they're not actually underage, or for that matter, a 45 year old paedophile called Steve.

    • Oops I downed you on accident I was on my phone but def thumbs up

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