How many of you would enjoy a separate music section on this site?

Personally, I would enjoy it. Questions asking for musical recommendations often get deleted for being redundant when they are, in fact, very different in nature from "normal" questions. Although there are many other music-related questions that can be asked, there is a definite benefit to re-asking that particular question in that new responses from people who didn't see previous questions will almost undoubtedly be new and unique.

I realize that the name of the site is "Girls Ask Guys," but there is a precedent for this sort of thing - "health" also has its own section. I wouldn't even really mind if it was a separate category under "other." Music is just something that I find interesting, and I feel that giving it its own category would only help the community grow.

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  • Music is wonderful!And I love it as well,however...i don't believe it needs it's own section on this site.This site is primarily about figuring out the opposite gender and any conflicts one may run into doing so.Its also about addressing issues in life in general.The new "health" section is sort of a sub sect of the "sex" know,because of STD and whatnot.But "music" doesn't really assist in any of this.Granted there would be more interesting questions...MAYBE,but it doesn't in my opinion warrant a section if it's own.I think it is just fine in the "other" section.


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  • No. Please, no. Rap sucks, rock sucks, and I'm sure that would be primarily what would be on there. There aren't a huge amount of music questions, at least not huge enough that a new section would be warranted, especially since I think that is something that would fit in an "other" section.

  • There needs to be more categories in general.

  • Definitely a good idea.

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