What do you think about this friend we all did a great job? kudos to all who contributed....

Congratulations, GirlsAskGuys.com members - you helped us reach our $1000 goal! Because of your Xper point donations, we helped fund a drilling rig to bring fresh drinking water to people in northern Ethiopia.


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  • I think it's awesome. Thanks!


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  • Whoa seriously? That's dope!

  • I wouldn't do it, seems like Ethopians think there better than blacks in DC.

    • No they are just poorer, malnourished and simple antibiotics are hard to get. I know I have been to Africa. There is no comparison because they don't have a Chance.

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    • I think he means The Democratic Republic of the Congo, not Washington DC...

    • I mean I'm just looking at a reflection of their kind, from what I've seen I just don't seem to like them is all I'm stating.