HELP! Anyone know anything about this Meebo stuff? I have a big problem & need help.

I tried to set up for the Meebo thing today, which didn't work out that great, and now at the bottom of my GAG page, I have a green square with white bubbles in it saying 0 online where it usually has how many GAG users are online. Help! How do I get rid of this? What happened? Help me please. You'll have to tell me through your answers or friend messages.


Hey! thanks all, got it taken care of now. I appreciate the help! lol I'm an idiot!


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  • You have to add GAG. I can't remember how to do it unfortunately. I think there's like a link that says sign on to accounts. just click on that and find GAG then put in your login stuff. you should get all your friends .

    • I did that, it shows that I did. still no friends show up. idk...

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    • Well I remember having this problem where I try to sign onto gag there, but it keeps showing that it is 'loading' forever. is it doing that? because if so I have no clue how to fix that.

    • I do not know what the problem was, but I got on there & did some stuff, found guysensei & he told me stuff to do & it works now. lol I have no but it works. thanks

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  • go on and click "add other account" (or some thing like that) and add gag.

    • I did, and it shows that I did. But it doesn't show any "buddies" Then this problem started. Now I can't see any GAG folks online here.? Does that make any sense?

    • Go on gag and open your meebo window, click where it says available, and then click edit settings, are you under meebo, or gag on there?