Why can't we answer questions for what they are?

I just always see questions on here with answers that complain about the question or just completely ignore the questions and bash the question asker. Why can't we just answer questions for what they are instead of character attacking people?


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  • I agree with you . I'm not sure why but I guess there are maturity issues. I have asked quite a few mature question to get ridiculous answers back or sometimes an answer that does not answer anything.

    • It defeats the whole purpose of this site.

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  • It honestly depends on the question.

    For example, I don't care how well a guy writes up his question that essentially boils down to is "Is my 6" d*** an okay size?"

    It's been asked a billion times before. The answer never changes. I'm not going to answer that question. I may take a derisive swing at the QA though, for being such an ignorant twit.


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  • I think it's because if they feel like they want to point something out in the question they disagree on or anything, then they ignore your question, because they don't have a really answer for it.

    Pointing out mistakes in your question or other stuff, it can bug me when it happens because you asked the question for a reason, and it's not to get corrected or attacked as you said, it's to get an opinion or advice etc.