Why am I not getting best answers for my responses?

why am I not getting best answers for my responses? I think they are good, rational advice. any thoughts on my approach? I want to upgrade my status to EXPERT! thanks


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  • Sometimes people don't want to hear rational advice, sometimes they just want an answer that supports their opinion. So to better you advice you should try to read what the person wants to accomplice with his question.

    Also you can try to provide both the girls and the guys perspective.

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    • u got it buddy! enjoy

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    • yes aniratak... you would be right if most/all people are rational... as we all know, people are not. I have to agree with jbsport. thanks though

    • I gave someone advice, to not meet the guy again, because the whole situation was against it(rationally). But I could hear she did really want to meet him, so I told her it wouldn't be wise to visit him, but you should do it anyway.

      If she wouldn't have gone to him it would be a good decision, but she personally needed to visit him. If she wouldn't she would probably regret it later.

      This is the perfect example.

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  • give a great answer and you'll get there. don't giveup.

  • well, what can one say. it's the prerogative of the QA

    • u are right... I can't help it if people have crappy judgement. thanks

  • Rational doesn't exist on this website.

    • sure it does. your answer is quite rational =)

  • Well I know that in the "sexuality" category, the dirtiest, most graphic answers always seem to get the best answer. Pretty pathetic.


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  • I can't imagine why a guy with 20 points to his name who professes to be "always horny" isn't taken more seriously.

    • I agree. that's why I inquire. in fact, where is my nobel prize?

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    • Totally agree with Palek. Nice work, my friend.

  • Just give more advice and try to asses the question as great as possible. And the only way to get expert is to

    1: Know someone higher up that will give it to you


    2: become more experienced, and do more.

    • You mean "assess." You just pluralized ass. :p Not being grammar nazi, I just thought it was a funny misspelling.

    • oh, OK. no it's fine. I have typos a lot and I'll misspell from time to time. thanks for the tip! :)

    • sure, ill try "asses"-ing more. thanks!

  • you must be new here

    • you must be right =)

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    • thats no reason to stop... you are still here. I'm guessing you are still trying. lets get there! lets go!

    • hahah admire your enthusiasm

  • Cause I don't feel like giving you one ;P

  • Really? Good and rational, are they?

    Let's take a look at some of those answers you feel are so deserving...

    What happens if a girl doesn't masturbate for awhile?

    A: Have you seen the movie, Armageddon?

    Ladies, do you think penises are beautiful?

    A: Mine is gorgeous!

    Why was he watching? (his penis go in and out of her during sex)

    A: He's checking for STDs... haha.. jk

    FWB - Make out, yes. Hugs, no. Why?

    A: Maybe you have a hygiene issue now... hahaha jk... who knows. we are not her. you should just ask.

    Why is kissing not that great?

    A: Hint hint buddy. you're gay =)try kissing a guy, and see if you like it. good luck buddy

    Do you think this girl likes me?

    A: What if she's a dude? why not ask now? what do you have to lose?

    These are not exactly brilliant...

    • whats wrong with them?

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    • Perhaps you mistook this advice site for the auditions to Last Comic Standing or something?

    • no, I'm here to help. I'm sure I already made a very positive impact on their lives. I'm happy that I did my good deed for the day =) just brilliance spilling out of me ;)

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