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can you sort out the signing in and out thing, it keeps signing me out when I'm in the middle of something on here and it keeps doing it, also it keeps bringing up the signup part where I need to sign in.

I'm alright signing in but I hate when it keeps signing me out on its own.

can you please sort this out.



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  • o protect your privacy, you are signed out of GirlsAskGuys automatically after a set amount of time of no activity (i.e., not clicking). When you sign in, click on "Remember Me" under the sign-in box, and if you're using Mozilla Firefox (the browser we recommend using), click on the browser's pop up that says "Remember login info."

    I also recommend that after you type in your answer (if you have spent a long amount of time typing), highlight the entire answer, copy it, and then preview the answer. If you are signed out, you may automatically paste your copied text into the answer again.

    Hope this helps!


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  • Hmm not sure I've ever had that problem, try checking the "Remember me" box when you sign in.. that might help.

    If it still persists just send them a message through "Contact us" at the bottom of the page rather than a question.

  • ME TOO!

    It drives me nuts. I'll be in the middle of typing something and it'll sign me off. Somtimes it makes my browser spntaneously close too.

    There are no viruses or spyware on my computer; it's brand spanking new and I had it double checked for those and other issues. The only website I have problem with is THIS website.

    QA, thank you for bringing this to their attention.


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