Why are relationships so complicated?

Funny how we have a whole site mostly dedicated to guys & guys on the subject. Is the problem that we just forgot how to listen 2 each other & actually talk out our true feelings & intentions ? We've become so afraid to actually just express ourselves that we don't even just ask the person in question. They are the ones that could give you most correct answer anyways. We're so afraid of making mistakes & doing things wrong when the best way is re learn to Listen & communicate.


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  • You brought up something that has been buried deep somewhere far away.

    Most of relationships are not "Complicated". They just suck.

    Horny teenagers who are so afraid of having "virgin" or "forever alone" stamps on their sorry foreheads, and to avoid them they'll do about everything to have a relationship.. or at least a hook-up.

    Most of what young adults call "relationships" are just broad and rose-filled exaggerations of drunk hook-ups.

    They don't get together because they genuinely like them.

    They don't get together because they are compatible and complement each other.

    They get together because they are afraid being single and stigmatized.

    And what can you expect when such things get rushed and at least one person involved is "needy" and gonna lose all their self-respect only for the relationship to remain?

    To form a normal relationship, it takes anything but rushing.

    To know a person precisely it can take months if not years, and young people don't even have fully formed personalities anyway.

    So well.. they are doomed to struggle.

    But on a good note - at least some will make it right!


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