Has anyone from GirlsAskGuys ever met or dated?

Just curious if this website has ever served as a dating or hookup site...lol?


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  • Dating, I don't think so, but fun chattings yes ;)


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  • I would have been happy to ask out more than a few of the girls on here if they lived close by. Unfortunately, if you're looking to date a girl on here, most are just going to put their country and not state. Its possible, and I'm even considering one girl that lives within a long car drive right now, but we still have to sort some things out first.

    • ya the ones you always connect with live like 5K miles away

    • No, it is more like a few hours away. We've even discussed meeting up in person if the timing was right and she was in my area. Both of us are serious about the potential, as we've chatted a lot and seem to have really hit it off. Time will tell if we have an opportunity in the near future.

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