How do you define the "Best Answer"?

When you are trying to decide on which one of the answers you have received is the best, what kinds of criteria do you have, or what sort of "guides" your judgement?

I apologize if that is vague.

Anyway, the reason why I ask this question is not because I care much about the actual "Best Answer" thing, but I want to generally improve the quality of feedback that I provide.

Thanks in advance to people who will post serious answers.

Uhh, right now, out of the 5 serious answers I have, only one comes from a male. I would personally like to receive some more insight from males. (This doesn't mean I don't want more answers from females.)
Now I feel like all of these answers deserve the "Best Answer"... Uhh, I need to think about this for a while... and select only one, somehow...


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  • Typically I give best answer to the person who put the most thought into it. That doesn't necessarily mean writing an essay for an answer either. Whether I agree with it or not, the person who does the best job of explaining the logic behind their answer wins IMO.

    Also I typically only give best answers once every few weeks. I'll go through all the questions I asked over the past few weeks and award best answers then. I think it gives people the time they need.

    • Yeah, taking your time is a good idea. That's what I'm doing right now. =)

      Anyway, thanks for your input! =)

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  • I want an answer that did it's job; it was informative, clear, and in some occasions had a spark.

    An answer that is vague won't be chosen.

    I usually go with what gave me the best advise to internalize and use not just in that moment but further on in life.

    Sometimes though if the question in random then the BA will be as well.

    lol also if it's the only reply to my question then it's a no brainer :)

  • when I receive answers (not just the ones on here but in general) I really think about what solution would benefit me. when people give me pointless answers, they immediatally exit the history in my brain. questions and answers work hand-in-hand, if they don't support each other .. the final decision will come out like sh*t. so basically... I use common sense - Sara Lamoureux

    • So you say it needs to generate a "solution" to the discussed problem? Understandable. Context is important.

      Anyway, thanks for the post.

    • yes.. and anytime (:

  • A lot of times when you ask a question, instead of answering what you ask, people start trying to push their opinions on you instead. That's the kind of answer I def wouldn't give BA too. So I guess something that actually answers what I asked, and then whichever answer I find most helpful out of those.

    • Another person that states "helpfulness" as an important criterion.

      That seems to be the most frequently mentioned criterion here.

      Anyway, thank you for your response! =)

  • I usually decide based on thoughtfulness of the response and what seems to me to most likely to be correct (if it's the type of question that has a correct answer). I try my best not to give best answers just to the answer that appeals to me more because that just seems like me seeking confirmation of my own opinion and that's not why I ask them.

    • Thoughtfulness and "correctness" (if applicable). Alright.

      Thank you for the answer.

  • it's the one that I understand the most and that helps me the most but sometimes if none of the answer were helpful I just pick the one that apeals to me the most

    • So, when you can't really find the "Best", you just go for an appealing answer? Hmm...

      Thank you for your time. =)

    • tno prob, and yea cause more people should do the BA and when I rember to I try and pick one

  • i pick the one that makes the most sense, and actually tried to give a sincere answer


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  • i think an answer is the "best" answer when it helps the asker the most. There are a lot of questions thoughm were there is no "best" answer. For example: any question that is about opinion. Like "Girls: do you like gentleman or a**hole?" (question doe not make any sense, but that's mot my point :P)

    There will be be girls saying just "gentleman" or "a**holes" and there will be girls who say "gentleman, BECAUSE..."

    While the second one is more interesting to read, it is not the "best answer". An opion is not good or bad.

    • Hmm... "Help" the asker, rather than just stating opinion...

      I'll keep that in mind. Thank you.

  • Best answer to me is a combination of a well-articulated response, its length if details need to be discussed, and overall ability to pull several ideas back together into your larger point.

  • An answer that has some logic behind it. Even if I completely disagree with what the person responded with, if it makes sense, and is the most reasonable, then it deserves to have the best answer. I'm pretty open-minded, so, for me to completely disregard a response simply because I don't agree with it doesn't make much sense. Now, if I don't agree with it because it doesn't make sense, then I won't even consider it being an option for the best answer...Of course, I am looking at this from a "best answer period" standpoint. Not from the "best answer for me" standpoint.

    • So, you look for logic rather than consensus? Good to know that.

      Thank you for taking time and answering.

  • I give it to whoever uses the word POOP the most. Who wouldn't?

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