How do you become a moderator on GAG?

I'm just curious do they get payed? and how do they become one?

i don't want to be one though. I'm on and off of here.
can moderators remove answers or comments from other moderators?


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  • I think you can request to be one, but apparently they can also just make you one. I came on one day to find out they'd made me a moderator, which came as a surprise.

    • oh you don't get payed?

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    • You can disable it if you like.

    • Disable what, being a mod?

      It's not something I really considered before, but like I said I don't mind being one.

      I just hope that it doesn't make users on here see me different, I mean I'm still the same user I was when I joined this site about 4 years ago.

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  • Moderators do not get paid. We are not employees of girlsaskguys. Girlsaskguys is based in St. Louis, and all of the administrators and actual GAG employees live in that area where they report to an actual office everyday. Moderators are casual users just as yourself.

    Moderators can remove answers and comments from other moderators.

    You become one by requesting to be one. However, if another moderator recommends you, then you may log on to find yourself a moderator

  • If you have a valid drivers license and proof of labotomization, you're a sure thing. ; - )

  • It's a community service, I guess.


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  • Simply contact us, and let us know you are interested in being a moderator. We look into your postings, log ins, xper, and history, and consider it in the next round of selecting moderators.

    • What are you? do you get paid?

    • I am an Admin of the site, which means I am a staff member. Moderators do not get paid - this is a volunteer basis for individuals who are interested in getting moderating experience, and want to have a positive influence on our community. :)

  • Well for starters I think that you have to be a Guru cause I haven't see any mods that aren't at least a level 10. They look for people that follow GAG rules and don't ever post anything offensive. You have to have a good record with GAG. They make sure that you haven't had any drama with other members and that your neutral. They don't get paid and that's for sure. In conclusion, I don't qualify LOL.

    • I was level 9 when they made me a mod :X makes sense though, they seem to look for relatively active people.

    • no I saw level 8s that's why I was curious at first I thought gurus only

  • I don't think they get pair and just request it