Can you track questions on a private profile on GAG?

If you are not friends with me can you see the questions I wrote that were not anonymous? That's really the only reason why my profile is private. Yesterday I noticed someone not on my friends list answered about 3 or so of my questions from different time. Some stuff on here I only ask just to reassure myself after asking my friends. And I also don't know if the "guy" I ask 98% of my questions about uses this site sometimes I see questions from an anonymous guy in his age range asking questions so relevant to us. And If it is him I'd be so embarrassed if he can track my questions by my user name. do you think it's better to just do anonymous questions =\

im curios how this girl found so many of questions if she isn't friends and my profile is private. :\


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  • There are actually several ways around the so-called security of this site. A few users know a few of the tricks (they pass them to friends over chat and so on).

    Usually when one of them becomes known to Admin, it gets patched.

    Like up until about 6 months ago, you could manually put /Questions after the URL on a private profile, and see their questions. But that particular trick doesn't work anymore.

    It's possible that the guy you're talking about, knows some of the current tricks.

    • if I put my questions to all anonymous can it make I t so those "tricks" don't work

    • No, if they're determined and have the right info, they can still get to your questions.

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  • nope, can you see my questions?

    • @ update: perhaps they have a dummy account that you added as a friend just to keep track of you, idk. there are some weirdos on here...

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  • If your profile is set as private, only your friends can view your profile. No one else can view your actual profile.

    If you set your posts as anonymous, only you can see your posts. If you don't set your posts as anonymous, everyone can view your post.

    • well is there a way she could have searched them?

    • If your question was not anonymous, and she could see your user name, then she may have searched your user name. Or she may be a "Follower" if she feels that your questions/answer are interesting and worth reading! If you are uneasy about someone following your activities, simply block the user.

  • They can see any question you post on here, friends or not. All they have to do is search your username and skim through questions you asked/answered.

    • uggg fml

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    • i have over 500

    • Make the ones you don't want him to see anonymous. Otherwise you're SOL.

  • If your profile isn't set to private they can, but otherwise no.