Why is GAG so strange sometimes?

Most of my questions don't get posted (I think) because I have to have a higher level on GAG before I can ask them.

It's annoying.

Other times my account times out and closes before I can post my question. I try to log back in and I lose my text *rage face*

Does this happen to anyone else?!


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  • yap... too many times.

    but, since I'm here for almost 1year I've learned some tricks

    1st - if you don't want your account times out, just save your password

    2nd - if you don't want to save it, when it runs out, sign in again and then go back to the question page through the ''go back arrow'' on your browser. (this must work out, at least it does for me)

    some other thing you should know:

    -if you take too long writing it, the same thing will happen (just do the arrow thing)

    -and you can't ask anything about sexuality till reach level 3 or 4, I guess

    • That was the thing. One of my questions was sexuality based, and GAG logged me out when I alluded to the words I wanted to use, than actually used them.

    • oh... yeah, and you obviously can't use words like f**k, p***y, t*ts... stuff like that, all well written (better write it like that...)

  • Not yet. But I'm hoping that it won't.


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