What are three things you like about GAG and three you dislike?

do you spend most of your time on GAG or a parallel site. If so what other parallel site? How long have you been on GAG


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  • Likes - I've made a few very good friends that I talk to often, almost daily... I like using free time to help other people while getting advice from all different kinds of people at the same time... and of course, I like the points that come with everything, even thought it'll be a really long time before I have enough to cash in for something that's worthwhile.

    Dislikes - I've recently messed things up with a guy I met on here who I really care about, but it was because of something outside of GAG, and I don't know how to fix things because he lives too far away (the downside of meeting people online!)... The point system is messed up now compared to how it used to be... I think it would be better if questions were categorized more specifically, maybe add some sub-categories so I don't have to read through 2-3 pages of questions that don't interest me before finding one I want to answer.

    I used to spend most of my time on Facebook, but I've pretty much replaced it with GAG, although I still usually have another window open for Facebook so I can talk to friends on there.

    I've been on GAG for about 2 1/2 years, I think. lol


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  • Like; you can help people

    Dislikes; the anonymous users who hide behind that feature and say/post idiotic questions. I hate that you can't block them either so you have to deal with them harassing your comment. And the people who post answers that are so wrong lol.

    I've been on here for almost 4 years... lol womp womp womp

  • Likes: It provides a place for people to learn and express their curiosities. For the most part it's a positive environment, and it makes me happy to see people trying to help others. And...it's fun!

    Dislikes: I wish there was better enforcement for people who continuously troll and taint the friendly environment with their negative energy. Everyone should be able to delete their previously asked questions if they so choose.

    I've been on GAG for over a year.

    • just ignore trolls

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    • when people feed off the attention. and you say "security" they are a threat to your security? They often say dumb/irrelevant stuff for laughs/attention. That's it

    • By security I meant the security of the environment. I think to fully appreciate GAG you have to make yourself vulnerable. And as if that's not hard enough to do, doing so in a place where people are putting you down just for the sake of it isn't helpful. Not everyone feels comfortable enough to open up, trolls just make things harder for some people.

  • I like that there's a diversity of people on here, and that many are open and honest. I like that I can chat all day long practically. I like that there's a variety of questions, and there's also categories so if I don't wanna look at some certain topic, I can just switch categories. I also like how it's set up. I've been on GAG for a few months. I spend most of my time on GAG and FB.

  • *anonymous people making hurtful jokes or stupid ones

    *that girl who always posts that same pictures of herself as a question I think her name is xxbabygirl, I don't know.

    *Penis questions.

  • Likes:

    1. I like that I can get a male perspective on things, it really helps

    2. GaG gives me something to do when I'm bored.

    3. That I can help people.


    1. When creepy people chat with me

    2. Seeing repeated questions (I should just get over this, it'll continue to happen lol)

    • lol at your 2nd dislike because it definitely is true.

      Question: you said "creepy" people chat with you; what are some action that people do for you to deem them "creepy"? Some examples?

    • We'll be chatting about basic things like how are u?, what are you up to? Things like that then randomly..sooo do you cyber sex? Would this turn you on if blah blah blah blah..and I'm like really? Just pretty much when they mention anything sexual the conversation is over.

  • I dislike that you can't vote for best answer on questions the. Answerer doesn't choose

  • I like that I can get a gift card..I use to be on yahoo answers but I didn't get anything..I was so obsessed with getting points to be in the top 10 or something

  • I dislike the points for amazon are so higher

  • likes

    -meting new/interesting people (like my current boyfriend)

    -sometimes people ask such a dumb questions that makes me laugh (and makes me realize I'm not as stupid as I think I am)

    -and it 'gives' amazon gift cards


    -when guys think I'm here just for sex chat (and ask me to talk dirty to make them 'reach the point' or ask for pictures or Skype)

    -when people don't respect other peoples opinion (and keep arguing about that)

    -people who claim to be someone they are not

  • i like that I can ask questions and almost immediately get responses

    i hate that the same questions are being asked over and over again


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  • GAG unfortunately where I spend most of it. I've been here a little more than two years. I can say that everything has gotten worse with the time I've been here. All pretty ladies here I do think is a plus :D

    • I think it has gotten worse too.

      the crazy question deletions

      the missing chat room

      less people I think

    • people who add you but yet never message you.

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