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  • I visit g.a.g in hope to get more xper for my amazon cards.

    I visit g.a.g when I need cheering up, sometimes seeing those trolling questions fill my day with purpose.

    I visit g.a.g to talk to the few people who are willing to understand I ridiculous life and mental issues.

    My favorite catergory is Others.

    I asked a lot of questions. But my favorite was when I asked people to guess my name.

    Ihatework guessed it correctly. I <3 that dude.


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  • I visit GAG because I like to help people if I can, it gives me something to do when I'm alone, and I enjoy the people here.

    Fav category: I don't really just pick a category, I go by the question, lol but as it turns out, the happens to be relationships.

    Questions I've asked: It seems I've asked a variety of things that have been on my mind...men, cars, baseball, comic books, ice cream, freeze dried pets...name it, I've probably asked it! lol

    Most useful answers: Most all of the answers I've gotten are useful...thanks everyone!

  • I am starting to question why...


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  • It's good way to pass the time when I'm bored. A lot of times I'll log in on my phone while I'm out and answer questions or check my activity/notifications...

    I think it's fun to answer questions and offer input/help people when and where I can. Something about this site is addicting and I've given up trying to figure out what it is a long time ago, lol.

  • For the booze ;-D

  • For the Amazon Gift Cards.

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