Ok, I totally give up on trying to send a photo!!

How do you all send a photo to each other on private messages? Do you just send the link or url or what

I know when you ask a question and include a picture or article you see the red link prompt. But what about private messages on here?


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  • Yes, the pic has to be hosted on a public web server, and "shared to public", and all you do is paste in the URL here. You can't actually attach files from your computer to this website in any way, other than your profile photos.

    • All this wonderful technology I should be able to blink my eyes and send the picture!

    • It won't be long, but, hahaha, you probably won't like it when it gets here.

    • I know, especially first thing in the morning! Yikes!

  • Put it on PhotoBucket and copy and paste the link. It won't turn it into a hyperlink, but the person you send it to can copy and paste it as well.

    • Oh Duh on my part! Thanks BCRanger!

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